We Believe In Dignity And Compassion

We understand that facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging time. We pride ourselves in making sure that our abortion care services are handled with dignity and compassion. Respecting a person’s needs and providing comfort is our goal. We understand that an abortion decision requires time, thought, and trust. An unplanned pregnancy often provokes an intense examination of life and values. A planned pregnancy that is no longer possible, or is medically challenged, can be heartbreaking. Our special counseling sessions allow women the space to explore their feelings and the support needed to move forward. We honor and respect the complexity of every woman’s life and every pregnancy decision.

At Whole Woman’s Health, we know that confidentiality and time constraints are often concerns for many women when thinking about abortion.

Some people do not need the privacy afforded by a private abortion option, but due to schedule constraints, their time in the office must be expedited.  We are able to accommodate these patients as well, by putting them on a “fast track” process, ensuring they are the first patient seen at each step of the work-up, including the abortion procedure.

For some women in very public positions, or in relationships where danger can be a variable, confidentiality can be related to their very job security or safety. Of course, we understand confidentiality isn’t about shame or stigma; rather, for some it’s an issue that presents more barriers than time or finances. We get this and are here to help.

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