We offer personalized, high-quality abortion care, and our patients are at the center of everything we do. We welcome all people as they are and advocate, support, and listen. Every one of our staff will comfort you when you’re with us in the clinic or getting care from us virtually, and we’ll even check on you after your abortion to see how you’re doing!

Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to make their own healthcare decisions and that treating people holistically will better serve and improve their health and happiness.

Whole Woman’s Health remains a strong advocate and community pillar, becoming the voice of abortion justice in many communities where the state has attacked the reproductive healthcare system, creating an environment that forces people to feel isolated and potentially take desperate measures.

Our staff works hard to eradicate the stigma surrounding abortion care, as well as ensure that all people have safe, affordable access to abortion care. Since our founding, we have become an integral part in the reproductive healthcare movement in multiple states and nationwide. As one of the largest independent providers of abortion care in the U.S., we’ve worked to ensure that our lawmakers know that these attacks on reproductive healthcare will not happen without a fight.

We are committed to destigmatizing abortion and creating safe spaces for all people, whether it’s in our clinics or in the communities where we live. As such, we have created a Whole Woman’s Health Abortion 101 Program for advocates, activists, community partners, state legislators, media, and medical professionals. This workshop can be given at any of our Whole Woman’s Health or Whole Woman’s Health Alliance clinic sites, or administrative and advocacy locations throughout the country. This program serves as a way to learn about what someone would experience when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. By deconstructing the nuanced conflicts, emotions, language and conversations surrounding abortion, we are able to support the growth of people’s empathy and help shift the way that people talk, think, and feel about abortion in our country.

Whole Woman’s Health encourages you to get involved, whether it’s where we are state-based leaders (Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Indiana, New Mexico, Illinois, and Minnesota) or at the national level. Register to vote. Educate your communities on what restrictive laws mean to reproductive healthcare. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is a non-profit organization working to shift the stigma around abortion in our culture while also expanding access to abortion. Click here to donate today.

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