Message From Our Founder

To our patients and supporters,

Thank you for trusting Whole Woman’s Health. I am honored that you are visiting our website.

My name is Amy Hagstrom Miller, and I founded Whole Woman’s Health in 2003 with the mission to provide fabulous abortion care, which means excellent medicine for your body and mind and compassionate, supportive care for your heart and spirit. The clinics Whole Woman’s Health runs provide abortion and gynecological care services. We understand that no one gets pregnant to have an abortion. We also understand that facing an unplanned pregnancy and choosing abortion involves all the big things in people’s lives – examination of identity, life, death, sex, religion, family, your dreams, and your aspirations. And because we are advocates and we serve everyone with the best care possible, in 2014 I founded a non-profit – Whole Woman’s Health Alliance. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance works to strategically shift the stigma around abortion through providing quality abortion care services, education, training, proactive strategy and advocacy. At Whole Woman’s Health we have a commitment to foster open and honest conversations, lifting up all communities to support reproductive freedom.


The people we serve at Whole Woman’s Health come from all walks of life – from young college students, teenagers, professionals, stay-at-home parents; religious folks and spiritual people to those struggling to figure out what they believe; from people with insurance to those who have no health care safety net and need financial support. The fact is, there is not just one kind of person who has an abortion. Abortion is a normal part of our reproductive lives, and nearly 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the age of 45. It is the mission of Whole Woman’s Health to deliver excellent care with dignity, respect, and compassion. All of us deserve to be free from the stigma that can be associated with making the choice to have an abortion in our society.

It is my life’s work to end the stigma around abortion and to provide service in all the clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health that transforms healthcare, one patient at a time. Please let us know what matters most to you during this time, and there is no question or concern too small to raise with our staff team. We are here to support you, guide you, and provide you with a clinic staff team and clinic setting that gives you the dignity, comfort, and compassion you deserve.

My best to you,
Amy Hagstrom Miller
Founder, President and CEO