Whole Woman’s Health Journal Entry: A Mother’s Support

This is a story that I recently picked up from one of our clinic’s waiting room journals. It’s the story of a woman and her mother, whose support is just phenomenal. We see so many supportive parents, who so perfectly illustrate the meaning of the word “family.” Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and close friends all show up, not to provide guidance, but to show support for their family member and her dreams.

Thank you to those family members and friends who are there for the women in their lives.




I’m here with my 27 year old daughter. She has one baby girl. My daughter has made the decision to end the pregnancy. She was a drug addict before her first baby and has been sober for one and a half years now. She is in her last semester of college and will have her Bachelor’s degree. The father lives with her but they make very low wages and are on every government support available. It’s not the right time in their lives to bring another baby into this world and that’s why I’m sitting in this waiting room, waiting to support my daughter when she comes out. This is her decision and hers alone. Thank God that he gives us the right to make our own decisions and thank the Government for allowing women to have legal abortions. I am proud that my daughter is brave enough, intelligent enough to know what’s best for her and her family, and religious enough to know that God forgives.

Good luck to all that read this. Remember, there is a reason you are here. You are making the right and best decision for you at this moment and time in your life.

The Right to Choose. Don’t ever let anyone take it away!”



“I am 4 weeks pregnant. This decision was not taken lightly, but if you can’t take care of a baby you bring into this world, isn’t that a sin too? My friend told me this and it helped make my decision. She said “The world judges way more than God ever will!”

Think of that. God is a God of understanding and forgiveness. He wants you to be happy, so be happy. Do what’s best for you.”