Easter Friday

My co-worker took some photos at the Austin clinic this morning. Today may not officially be Easter, but it still brings a crowd!

There were maybe 20 people on the other side of the fence this morning. About one half were elderly white males and the other half were women and children.

They stood to pray, and from what I could tell, generally minded their own business (well, as much as a group of people publicly protesting the private & personal choices of women can.)

When I got out of my car this morning, one of them even paid me a compliment by saying that I “looked like an empowered woman.” She had some additional statement to that, but I really couldn’t hear what it was.

So thank you protester, but I’m not the only one. There are a lot of women here this morning who are also empowered – taking control of their lives, talking through their options and making the decision that is best for them, whatever that may be. And I promise you, no matter what her choice is, we will respect her life, her decision, her ambitions and we’ll try our hardest to brush away some of that shame you tried to place on her shoulders as she drove in.