Big News on Our Texas Clinics

We told you we were going to keep fighting like hell to keep offering abortion care to everyone we possibly can.

On June 27th, we took Texas to court to stop the state from enforcing its pre-Roe anti-abortion law that had forced us to close the four Texas clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health. The next day, a federal judge put Texas under a temporary restraining order (TRO) stopping them from enforcing the bans.

That means we can reopen all four Texas clinics, at least for now.

This TRO means that we now have the opportunity to open our doors in Texas before the trigger ban takes effect a month or two from now. We immediately began calling the patients on our waiting lists and bringing our staff and providers back into the clinics in order to resume abortion care as soon as possible. Keep in mind, Texas still enforces a two-visit requirement and a 24-hour waiting period, as well as the 6 week ban and other restrictions. Even with these obstacles, our clinic staff are ready and eager to welcome patients back.

It’s not as simple as just turning the lights back on and opening the doors.

We need to get our clinic staff back in after Friday’s Supreme Court decision forced us to send them home. We need to get doctors to each of the clinics, including some who travel from out-of-state. And we need to get the word out to our patients that we’re open again.

We’re on it, and working as fast as we can to get our clinics back up and running.

But we need your help — and time is of the essence. Can you help us staff up and reopen our doors to the people across Texas who desperately need care?

We’re truly under the gun here. Texas has what’s called a trigger ban — a law pre-written and enacted to ban abortion automatically if the US Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade. With last week’s reprehensible decision overturning Roe, we have just under two months before that ban takes effect. We must use this opportunity to see as many patients as we can in that time.

And we’re still operating under Texas’s extreme anti-abortion restrictions criminalizing abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and obstructing people seeking abortion care by requiring two clinic visits and a 24-hour waiting period before they can get the services they need.

But our team is on the phone with the patients on our waiting list right now, doing everything in our power to get them in as soon as possible. You can make a real difference to people in Texas who need abortion care now. Thank you for anything you can do to help.