Abortion Care for Florida Residents - No Waiting Period

Out of State Abortion Clinics for Florida Patients

Whole Woman’s Health of Alexandria and Charlottesville offer comprehensive reproductive healthcare services for patients travelling from Florida:

  • Abortion financial assistance, pay as low as $0
  • Travel financial assistance
  • Access reputable abortion care quickly
  • Legal and Safe abortion through licensed facilities

Whole Woman’s Health of Alexandria and Charlottesville
 are abortion clinics dedicated to offering exceptional reproductive health services, including discreet and secure abortion care for patients traveling from Florida. Conveniently situated in Metropolitan Washington, our abortion clinic is easily reachable by Metro, bus, train, or car from your location. Whether you require a pap test, HPV vaccine, or seek abortion services, our proficient team ensures personalized and non-judgmental care within a calming environment. The expenses associated with your travel and care from Florida might be fully covered. Reach out to us now to learn more about your financial assistance.

Our Wayfinder Program is specifically designed to assist individuals seeking abortion care from FL and other out-of-state locations, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. Learn more here.

We are a proud member of the National Abortion Federation.

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Whole Woman’s Health of Virginia is proud to provide high-quality and affordable reproductive health services, including safe and confidential abortion care. We’re located just outside of Baltimore City, easily accessible via public transportation or car. Whether you need a Pap test, birth control, or an abortion, our expert staff will give you personalized, judgment-free care in our relaxing environment.

Interested in getting abortion pills by mail? We now offer virtual abortion care to anyone with a Maryland mailing address!

We are a proud member of the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network

Virtual Abortion Care

Whole Woman's Health is now offering virtual abortion care. Click here to learn more.

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