Abortion Options

If you are considering having an abortion, you probably have lots of questions. We are here to help you make the decision that’s best for your body and preferences.

At Whole Woman’s Health, we offer 2 kinds of abortions so you can end your pregnancy on your own terms.

One option is medication abortion care, which is also referred to as the “abortion pill”. A medication abortion is approved up to 11 weeks since the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). Learn more about this option here. In most cases, you will visit our clinic to meet with our trusted physicians, who will give you two pills to take. If you live in or can travel to Minnesota, New Mexico, or Virginia, you can now get abortion pills mailed to you – without ever stepping foot in a clinic.

The second option is an in-clinic procedure. The procedure is done by trained providers and staff at one of our health centers. Learn more about this option here.

Each option is safe and effective, and comes with its own benefits.


Common QuestionIn-Clinic Abortion ProcedureMedication Abortion at Home
How does it work?A provider uses medical instruments and gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from your uterus.You take pills that end your pregnancy and make your uterus expel the pregnancy tissue (like an early miscarriage).
How well does it work?It works more than 99% of the time.8 weeks of pregnancy or less: it works about 94-98% of the time.
8-9 weeks: it works about 94-96% of the time.
9-10 weeks: it works about 91-93% of the time.
How long does the abortion take?The procedure itself usually takes about 10 minutes. The full visit, which includes an ultrasound and counseling, usually takes a few hours. Some states have mandated waiting periods, which will require more than one visit to the clinic. Abortions later in pregnancy may take longer and require more visits to the clinic.Your appointment at the clinic will include counseling and an ultrasound, which will take a few hours. You will then be given 2 sets of pills, to be taken up to 2 days apart. Most of the time, the abortion is over within 24 hours after you take the 2nd set of pills. You’ll have a follow-up visit to make sure the pills worked. Some states have mandated waiting periods, which will require more than one visit to the clinic.

If you have passed your first trimester and need an abortion, learn about our in-clinic abortion options here.