Whole Woman’s Health Statement on Anti-Abortion Organization Purchasing Former McAllen, Texas Building //

November 2nd, 2022
[email protected]

We are shocked, appalled, and absolutely heartbroken by the news we have learned today about an anti-abortion organization buying our beloved building in McAllen, Texas. It appears they engaged in highly deceptive practices to do so, and we are exploring legal remedies right now.

There are absolutely no circumstances under which we would knowingly sell a building to anti-abortion forces. We conducted extensive background checks on the prospective buyers and turned up no red flags.

But after holding the deed to the building for two weeks, the people to whom we sold the building evidently turned it over to an anti-abortion organization. We were duped. And we are as outraged as everyone else who is learning this news.

Know this: Whole Woman’s Health was forced by anti-abortion extremists in Texas government and the US Supreme Court to stop doing the work we love in this community we love and where our roots and relationships run deep.

The McAllen clinic — and the community it served — has been central to our mission at Whole Woman’s Health for nearly two decades. We fought ferociously for it, and for the people who relied on it, standing at the forefront of a legal battle that we took all the way to the US Supreme Court — and won.

Since we were forced to close our clinic, we have been working tirelessly to continue not only offering care and support to the people of McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley, the state of Texas, and beyond, but also playing our part in the fight against the onslaught of attacks on abortion rights and access in Texas and nationwide.

The attacks by anti-abortion lawmakers and activists alike have been relentless, and unfortunately they have been successful not only in throwing the state of abortion care into chaos, but also in sowing divisions among organizations who need to be standing together in this fight.

This is what anti-abortion terrorists do. This is how they operate. They lie. They deceive. They seek to turn us against each other. We cannot allow them to succeed.

We remain as committed as we always have been to offering abortion care (or help getting it) to anyone who needs it, regardless of where they live or the legal status of abortion in their state — and to working relentlessly to restore legal rights and access to abortion care across the US.

We will not let the actions of our opposition divert us from this mission or our solidarity with all who share it.