Whole Woman’s Health Opens its Doors in New Mexico, Starts Advocacy Initiative

New Mexico

On September 15th, we will open our doors to the women of New Mexico with a new clinic in Las Cruces.  We will begin serving women not only from southern New Mexico, but also Juarez, Mexico and surrounding areas. The new health center will continue Whole Woman’s Health’s tradition of providing holistic, quality, woman-centered abortion care, counseling and education.  This opening expands our company to a fourth state, joining clinics in Texas, Maryland, and Minnesota.

Whole Woman’s Health of New Mexico not only opens up access to abortion care in southern New Mexico and Juarez, but it also gives access to women in El Paso and the swaths of West Texas that have lost access to abortion care because of House Bill 2. We will be the only National Abortion Federation certified clinic in the area, and for New Mexico residents, we will be accepting state Medicaid. Since New Mexico has no TRAP laws on its books, we’re able to do same-day procedures at this facility as opposed to the 2-day procedures required in Texas, and we will go up to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Today we also announced a full non-profit advocacy initiative that will work to change the national conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding abortion, and will educate people on the right that women have to safe, affordable abortion care in the United States. There’s no better organization for educating the public on how necessary abortion care is in a broad spectrum of reproductive healthcare.