We’re Suing Texas — Again

The Supreme Court’s heinous ruling on Friday has gripped Americans with fear, and Texas is ground zero. Within hours of the decision, the Texas Attorney General put out an advisory stating that “abortion providers could be criminally liable for providing abortions starting today” based on the state’s “abortion prohibitions predating Roe.”

Because of that pre-Roe ban, all four Texas clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health are now forced to turn away every single person who comes to us for care.

Pregnant people deserve better. Texans deserve better. That’s exactly why we’re digging in.

Today, Whole Woman’s Health and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance — leading the charge of abortion providers and allies in the state — are suing to block officials from enforcing the state’s pre-Roe abortion ban.

We’ve beaten these attacks before. Six years ago today, we had a historic win at the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. We successfully struck down Texas House Bill 2, the most restrictive package of anti-abortion laws our country had seen that shuttered more than half of all Texas abortion clinics. Many of them never reopened.

Texas is our home and its residents are our neighbors, patients, staff, family, and friends. We will always stand with Texans and we are ready to fight back for the abortion care they deserve. Will you help us?

We’re in this together. We cannot allow anti-liberty, anti-family, anti-rights lawmakers to continue taking away our rights, and people are counting on us to be a catalyst for change. Can we count on you as we prepare to take on this post-Roe world?

Please make an emergency donation now to support our purposeful litigation in Texas and beyond.