Two Letters of Support

Last week we received the following letters from two of our patients. These letters are a reminder to all of us that how you provide care is just as important as the service itself.

Letter #1

Dear Whole Woman’s Health,

We have been here twice this year in sadness (terminating for medical reasons). I always meant to send you a card last time, so here it finally is.

Thank you for being here and helping us care for our family as best we can. Thank you for being here for all women, regardless of circumstance. Thank you for your work despite the fear and intimidation.

We appreciate every one of you so much. Thanks for your courage, care and compassion. We stand with you.


Letter #2

Dear Whole Woman’s Health,

In a world that judges your decisions, mistakes, and path you choose to recover from them – I was so happy to be around a whole staff of women who seemed to get it. From making an appointment, walking in, and leaving out, I felt a sense of sisterhood that movies are made of. I felt like I had people on my side no matter what I decided was best for me. They were nonjudgmental and there to support whatever decision I made with information and know-how.

I never once felt awkward or as if I should second guess myself. I never once felt unsafe or unsure. I felt that I would be taken care of from start to finish and I could always call back if I was confused or needed help with anything. I would refer a loved one, friend, or stranger with the confidence of knowing they would walk away satisfied from the service they received.