Amy Hagstrom Miller

Through protests, lawsuits and a pandemic, abortion care is essential health care, and we are here to stay

In an opinion piece for Minn Post, Whole Woman’s Health founder and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller discusses the adversities that Whole Woman’s Health of Minnesota has faced and overcome, including the barriers to accessing abortion in Minnesota, protesters, moving to Bloomington and the state of abortion care during a pandemic.

“Whole Woman’s Health is one of just five remaining abortion clinics in Minnesota and has been providing full-service reproductive health care for people across the Midwest for nearly a decade. Recently, the building where our Twin Cities clinic was located in downtown Minneapolis was sold, forcing us and everyone in our building to relocate. In early March, our move was made public and hundreds of protesters gathered at our new clinic site (while still under construction), disrupting our neighbors, the community, and instilling anxiety in our patients and health care staff, who now, on top of our move, face further unprecedented obstacles related to COVID-19. Thankfully, the construction is completed and our new clinic in Bloomington is open and serving patients. While the protests seem to have calmed some, we are once again faced with interference.”

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