Reflections After HB2’s 5th Circuit Court Hearing

From the thoughts of our President & CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller, following today’s 5th Circuit Court hearing on House Bill 2:

Amy Toti brief media post 5thI am very encouraged by today’s hearing. I feel like the judges paid strong attention to the evidence we put forward in district court. I feel they understood the health and welfare of the women within our Texas communities. I feel judges Elrod and Haynes particularly understood that the health and welfare of women, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, need extra protection, because having to travel upwards of 250 miles endangers women’s lives. The state’s case was extremely weak in retrospect of the undue burden perspective that it’s not a big deal for women to travel from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio.

I am not hopeful that we are going to get a ruling in our favor but am hopeful we showed that women are disproportionately affected by these medically unnecessary laws.

It’s sad that we have to turn to the courts to fight this battle, but Whole Woman’s Health will do what it takes to do right by the women who need us across Texas.

This battle is far from over, we won’t stop fighting until justice is served for the women of Texas.

We will anxiously be awaiting the Fifth Circuit Court’s decision and actively preparing to mobilize either through the legal process or in our communities to keep our doors open.

No matter what, we will continue our work to de-stigmatize abortion and women’s decisions, through education and mobilization.

And we will continue to remain open to serve women in the Southwest with our facilities in San Antonio and our new clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico.