Practice Self-Care. Here’s How.

Being an activist is difficult work. At times, it can be stressful, and there’s no doubt that times have been tough lately. But while we work to continue the fight for access to quality abortion care, we must take care of ourselves, too.

Small acts of self-care regularly can help combat stress, and, over time, you’ll start to feel a little more refreshed and ready to take on the fight! It’s important we show up as our best selves, so here are 101 ways you can practice self-care immediately.

1. Drink a glass of water
2. Order soup (or comfort food)
3. Reread your favorite book
4. Clip your nails
5. Take a warm bath with a bath bomb
6. Put your phone on “Do not disturb”
7. Make a smoothie
8. Write down your goals
9. Meditate
10. Take pictures
11. Take a nap
12. Take a deep breathe
13. Stretch from your bed first thing in the morning
14. Wear something that makes you feel good
15. Light a candle
16. Order yourself some flowers and chocolate
17. Snuggle a pet
18. Say 10 nice things about yourself (ignore all negatives)
19. Write a short story
20. Watch something funny
21. Look at funny memes
22. Hire a house-keeper to pick up
23. Change your bedsheets
24. Arm knit a chunky blanket
25. Rearrange the furniture
26. Eat cake for breakfast
27. Make a playlist of happy music
28. Get your groceries delivered
29. Put on a Beyoncé music video and dance along
30. Watch a funny cat video on YouTube
31. Pay a debt payment early
32. Put old clothes in a box to donate
33. Look for new recipes you want to try
34. Listen to a funny podcast
35. Make a list of 10 things you want to do for the future
36. Read motivational quotes
37. Make a happy box of emails, cards, and letters that made you smile
38. Do a chore that would take less than 5 minutes
39. Get your nails done
40. Sing in the shower
41. Cuddle a stuffed animal
42. Read a good blog
43. Take a free class online
44. Take selfies with SnapChat filters
45. Play a single-player game
46. Do reflexology for anti-stress
47. Color
48. Unplug from technology
49. Write in a journal
50. Wear your pajamas all day
51. Unfollow negative people on social media
52. Go for a hike
53. Complete a puzzle
54. Take up a new hobby
55. Volunteer
56. Order takeout from your favorite place
57. Go on a date with your best friend
58. Talk to someone you don’t know
59. Tell someone you love them
60. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show
61. Get some fresh air
62. Leave yourself a love note
63. Take your vitamins
64. Doodle
65. Join a support group
66. Plan a movie night
67. Plan a staycation
68. Change the background on your computer or phone to an uplifting quote
69. Stretch
70. Detox your environment
71. Diffuse essential oils
72. Make a homemade body scrub
73. Listen to your favorite album
74. Bake something
75. Organize your closet and/or makeup
76. Say no
77. Sit in the sunshine
78. Do yoga
79. Complete a project
80. Watch the sunset
81. Exercise
82. Watch your favorite movies
83. Go to a farmer’s market
84. Make a terrarium
85. Ride your bike
86. Complete a juice cleanse
87. Paint
88. Go to bed early
89. Create a capsule wardrobe
90. Create a budget
91. Drink wine
92. Meal prep
93. Go out for ice cream
94. Make a list of people you love
95. Get some sunlight
96. Do a face mask
97. Create a vision board
98. Take a cooking class
99. Have a picnic
100. Call an old friend
101. Make a bucket list