Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Minnesota and Maryland

You may remember when we mapped out every single Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) in Texas, creating a haunting picture for what the landscape looks like for women seeking abortions in the 2nd largest state in the country by both population and land mass. Not only did we want to show just how much the state funds these clinics over abortion facilities, but we also wanted to help women that are seeking abortions to  know where they can obtain the procedure without shame, misinformation, or intimidation.

Our clinics in Baltimore and Minneapolis deliver the same standard of care that we’re known for in Texas – creating a sanctuary for the women that need our help while providing safe, compassionate abortion care. While both of these cities are located in states that are much friendlier to abortion providers, the women that live there are no less affected by the lies and coercion of CPCs within the borders of Maryland or Minnesota.

From our previous blogpost:

If you or someone you know is seeking an abortion, always make sure and check that the clinic you are going to is an abortion facility and not a CPC. Even if you search for abortion on Google, you are likely going to see ads for “free pregnancy tests” that are coming from CPCs right next to the ads for actual licensed abortion clinics. 

Below are interactive maps that we’ve created to make sure you know which facilities to avoid if you or someone you know is seeking an abortion in Maryland or Minnesota.





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