Celebrating 15 years of Whole Woman’s Health!

February 3rd marks 15 years since we’ve been helping women, and our very first patients were in Austin, Texas, where our story began.

During these 15 years, we’ve opened clinics to provide quality care in the communities that needed us most – the communities where abortion access is limited. Our goal has always been, and will remain to be, to raise the standard of care where women need it the most.

Our care revolves around each patient, offering customized, quality care from the time a patient calls us for an appointment to the time they leave one of our clinics. We cater to the needs of each patient, from faith and spirituality to financial and emotional support.

But our patient-centered care model isn’t just about the experience inside the clinic. With the help of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, we also work to change the culture and conversation around abortion, with an end-goal of eliminating the stigma that surrounds such a common, necessary procedure.

Even 45 years after abortion was legalized, it remains to be a lightning rod issue in our country. While a vast majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal, many politicians are still trying to close clinics.

Since 2003, we’ve testified and served as the plaintiff in at least five different cases taking on laws that aim to strip abortion access to those who need it. After our Supreme Court victory, the Whole Woman’s Health decision has been used to reverse similar anti-abortion laws in more than 8 states, restoring women’s health and access to quality care.

After 15 years of helping women, we’re proud of the work we’ve done and the care we’ve been able to offer across the country. We owe a giant thank you to our doctors, nurses, staff, allies and supporters who’ve helped us make our accomplishments possible.

There’s still much change to be made, but we’re willing and ready to pave the way to greater abortion access in the days and years ahead. No matter the obstacle, our patients and their families remind us of why we’re here, and we’ll continue to be here to help those who deserve quality abortion care.

If you’d like to help cover the cost of an abortion for one of our patients, please consider making a donation to the Stigma Relief Fund today.