Beyond SCOTUS: What Happens Now?

Yesterday’s Supreme Court victory was a historic win for abortion rights and was especially meaningful for us and providers across the country who have had to close their doors from these medically unnecessary restrictions.

While we’ve been celebrating the good news, there are new questions on all our minds as we look ahead: When will clinics reopen? When will abortion access be restored?


The remaining clinics in Texas will be able to keep their doors open, and this decision paves the way for other clinics to open or reopen. However, this process may not be a swift one. Many layers combine to create an abortion landscape and include, but are not limited to, state laws, local statutes, community support, state funding options, insurance coverage rules (only a handful of states allow for state Medicaid to cover abortion services), finding a building, finding a building that someone is willing to lease to us, purchasing equipment, applying for and going through the process of getting approved for licensing, hiring and training staff and physicians, and more.

Here’s Amy Hagstrom Miller speaking about this process with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now:

And so, I think what we’re going to see is many of us, Whole Woman’s Health included, trying to figure out where will we be able to reopen, what will the process be for finding a lease and finding a building and restoring the staffing and the physicians. And the second part will be: What’s the process going to be now for us to apply for a new license for abortion services in the state of Texas after we’ve had this win? How is that process going to be for us? And I think, you know, none of us really know how it’s going to be. And so, I think we’ll see a couple—a couple of us probably try as soon as we could. And, you know, I think it’s important to also realize that part of the abortion facility work is operational, and it’s healthcare—you know, Healthcare 101. And so, we have to figure out how to raise funds for acquiring the equipment, acquiring the medicines and the staffing and those kinds of things, in order to run a top-notch facility. And that isn’t something that can happen overnight.


We came into this work to provide compassionate, quality abortion care and that is exactly what we want to continue doing. It is our dream to see abortion access restored in Texas – for people to have clinics in their communities where they can receive care.

We’re working to resume care in communities that have been left without – but first that means getting the resources together to rebuild. Our nonprofit, Shift. is raising money to help with this effort. Donate here to help us turn the tide on the current abortion access crisis in Texas.