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Whole Woman’s Health is a group of abortion clinics and a nationwide virtual abortion provider that offers the abortion pill, abortion procedures up to 22 weeks, birth control, and more. We offer online booking for both in-clinic and virtual services.

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Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) is a privately owned, feminist healthcare company dedicated to delivering exceptional abortion care to those in need. We believe in empowering individuals to be the focal point of their healthcare choices. By prioritizing comprehensive care that respects the mind, heart, and body, we aim to enhance the well-being and joy of our communities. With multiple abortion clinics, we are committed to providing accessible and compassionate care to all.

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We’re here to help. Explore our resources and access abortion funds to make your procedure affordable and accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about abortions or payments? Check out our answers for some frequently asked questions. 

Find Your Way To The Abortion Care You Deserve

Are you facing challenges accessing abortion care due to bans and restrictions in your state?

Whole Woman’s Health operates the Abortion Wayfinder Program to protect and expand access to abortion care for patients who are denied care because of bad laws in their home state. We help people find their way to the abortion healthcare they need. What’s more, we are working alongside abortion funds and allies to secure logistical and financial support for anyone needing to travel for abortion care.

Please call and ask for the Abortion Wayfinder Program to get connected. You can reach us in one of two ways:

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