Abortion Referrals & Resources

Abortion is a common, safe procedure, and is a critical component of reproductive health care. Yet access to abortion may seem impossible depending on where you live. Many states have passed additional restrictions on abortion in 2021, making it even further out of reach than ever. If you are seeking an abortion and a Whole Woman’s Health clinic site is restricted from providing the care you need, we will help you! You are not alone, and you have every right to make this healthcare decision. You can count on Whole Woman’s Health for reliable, consistent information – please call us anytime at 877-835-1090.

If you live in Texas and are looking for information and resources outside of the state, please visit www.needabortion.org, which is run by Avow Texas and the Lilith Fund (both of which are Texas organizations that we trust).

If you live in another U.S. state, please visit www.abortionfinder.org.