Whole Woman’s Health of Beaumont Speaks!

In Beaumont, I finally had the chance to meet their wonderful staff. It’s a small crew, but they run a tight ship! I asked them all to tell me something about their work – a story, an experience, anything. Here are two stories that I received:

“Just today I had a patient tell me that she was surprised by how much her experience differed from her expectations. She was surprised that her overwhelming feelings post-abortion were of relief, and she said she also feels such an immense gratitude to have been able to choose to do this. She thanked me for serving as a support system for her, and for helping this experience be a positive one. I’m proud to be a part of a team that offer a safe and positive abortion experience for women, because doing so truly does change how they experience themselves when they walk out of our doors and into the world.” – Mary Anne, Administrator

“I have personally experienced patients telling me how their experience with WWH literally changed their lives, for the better. With the topic of abortion being associated to so many negative connotations, and most of our patients coming in with the idea that this experience is going to be a traumatic one, we hear patients say, “I never thought I’d have to make this decision, however, coming to WWH and speaking with the staff has TOTALLY changed my opinion of abortion and abortion clinics.” One patient in particular came in very apprehensive and timid. After going through the process of pre-operative care, she reached her counseling session, where she and I were alone and conversing about her experience thus far. As I usually do, I began my counseling session with, “What has helped you decided that this decision is the best decision for you?” She proceeded to tell me that she had been in a very abusive relationship. She said that because her husband was her sole supporter and provider, as well as her abuser, she felt that she had no one she could talk to or discuss her situation/decision with. She included that she had spent many sleepless nights and days in fear of what her future held pertaining to her pregnancy. She concluded that after speaking with the staff, experiencing compassion, tears, and even a hug or two, she knew that she had made the right decision for herself and existing family. Her final words were “You guys changed my life.”…and she sealed it with a hug! This is the reason why I continue to wake up and come here, passing the protester’s daily. We make a difference!!!” – Beanka, LVN

Keep your eyes peeled for more staff stories!