Whole Woman’s Health: Hello Twin Cities!

We have some exciting news! Tomorrow, February 14th, 2012, Whole Woman’s Health will begin serving women in the state of Minnesota. After almost 10 years of serving women in the states of Texas and Maryland, we are more than thrilled to now expand into the Midwest and to the homeland of our Founder and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller. Ya sure you betcha!

Most importantly, it is our honor to carry on the legacy of the famously feminist Midwest Health Center for Women. The work this center has done over their 30 years of business has been phenomenal. They have served the community kindly, effectively and passionately. They are fierce reproductive freedom fighters with a solid reputation, both locally and nationally. We are humbled and honored to take the reins from here.

Whole Woman’s Health of Minnesota will continue to provide abortion care to 16 weeks, as well as low-cost gynecology care, including birth control and walk-in pregnancy testing. We welcome those women who have been long-standing patients of Midwest, as well as new patients.

We also want to extend a greeting to those women who may have seen Midwest as something more than a resource for healthcare. Clinic escorts, volunteers and fellow feminists of Minnesota, we cannot wait to shake each of your hands and work together with you to empower our community while serving the women and families who need us.

Today we’re raising our glass to the Midwest Health Center for Women, the health of women and families in Minnesota, and to a new chapter (albeit, with thicker coats!) for Whole Woman’s Health.


Amy Hagstrom Miller and the Men and Women of the Whole Woman’s Health Team