Today we lost someone important.

Yesterday, we received a letter of resignation from one of our clinic doctors:

“Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. A big part of me is sorry I’m not in there with you but I have to do what’s right for me at this point.” 

“I have loved my work with WWH and have found it extremely fulfilling. I have also loved working for you.” 

“I am also worried about the uncertainty of my employment status in Texas. Will I get admitting rights? Will the government pull something else that makes it impossible for me to work there? Will the clinic close despite everyone’s best efforts?”

Like so many physicians in Texas that perform abortions, our doctors are understandably worried about their employment and the future of their field in the Lone Star State in general. As Whole Woman’s Health Founder and CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller put it, “Legislative and organizational uncertainty led to us losing a talented, young physician to another state.”

To settle the questions about the future of our company would require providing a clear and concise answer about what exactly we plan on doing. We cannot offer this; even we don’t know what the end results of these efforts will be.

We truly hope that this is the last time we lose another staff member because of their being no perceivable light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, our focus is contingency planning and combatting the bad parts of this bill. 

77 days left.