The Wayfinder Program: Why It Started & Where It’s Going

In September 2021, the Texas legislature enacted Senate Bill 8 (SB 8), the most extreme abortion restriction our country had seen. The devastating legislation banned abortion as early as six weeks – before many know they are pregnant – and deputized private citizens with enforcing the law.

Supporting Texans after SB 8

Like all abortion bans and restrictions, we knew this law would do absolutely nothing to prevent unplanned pregnancies. And, despite these horrific measures, Texans still needed and deserved access to safe abortion care. So, in response to SB 8, we developed the Abortion Wayfinder Program – a support system to help people get abortion care outside the state.

We created this new resource to ensure that Texans still had the ability to make decisions about their health and future. While the state turned its back on those needing safe, compassionate care, our staff was there to answer calls, schedule appointments, book flights, and find funding.

A National Crisis for Abortion Access

Unfortunately, the attacks against abortion care did not stop in Texas. The devastating fall of Roe v. Wade has brought this battle to the national level. The Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate federal protections for abortion means the ability to find abortion services now depends on where a person lives. Many states are instituting unprecedented bans and restrictions that make it impossible to secure an abortion in one’s community.

We know that folks are confused, overwhelmed, and unsure about how to find the abortion care they need.

In direct response to the fall of Roe v. Wade, our Wayfinder Program is taking on a national scale because we refuse to turn our back on anyone who wants or needs compassionate abortion care. Anyone who cannot get an abortion in their home state can call 877-808-1045 to find their way to the abortion care they deserve.

You Can Help, Too

State lines should not determine a person’s access to safe, legal abortion care in our country. However, the political attacks against abortions aren’t slowing down. As more people face the reality of new bans and restrictions, we need your help. Learn how you can support this vital program, including spreading the word and making a donation. Together, we can ensure that people can find the abortion services they need, regardless of where they live!