How To: Help Women Reclaim Some Power in the State of Texas.

Governor Perry doesn’t trust Texas women. Do you?

This year, Texas women were repeatedly demeaned, talked down to and insulted by multiple proposed bills. To add injury to insult, some of those bills actually passed! Maybe one of the most invasive, the Sonogram Bill, which requires Doctors to describe to women what’s on their ultrasound screen before their abortion (whether they want to hear it or not), was enthusiastically signed into law by our Governor just last month.

Not so fast, Perry!

The Center for Reproductive Rights is challenging the new Sonogram bill in court on behalf of Texas women. Read the letter from the CRR President (below) and check out the website. Step up and donate if you can, and become part of the movement to help women reclaim their dignity in Texas!


Letter from Nancy Northup (Pres. of the Center for Reproductive Rights)

“Do you trust Texas women? I do.
But, Governor Rick Perry and his buddies in the legislature clearly do not. And their highly patronizing and invasive ultrasound law must not stand.
Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit to stop the insulting ultrasound law in its tracks. Now we need YOU to be part of this fight, too!
Join Team Texas with a gift of $10 or more to help the Center defeat this law. We’ll send you a FREE bumper sticker so you can show the world that you stand with the women in Texas.
This law is one of the most extreme in the country. Doctors will be forced to show a woman her ultrasound, describe the fetal image in detail, and make the sound of its heartbeat audible before she can access an abortion—even if she says NO. It’s extreme and intrusive and it patronizes the women of Texas.
I know you agree that women don’t need politicians in their doctors’ offices force-feeding them anti-choice messages. Plain and simple, this law tells women that they are too incompetent to make important decisions.
This case will be expensive, and I need you to help us overturn this law. Join Team Texas today and take action by making a gift of just $10 or more.
Right now, the Center is pouring immense amounts of time, money, and resources into blocking this law before it goes into effect on September 1st. That makes everything we do in the next few weeks especially critical. So I urge you… take action with Team Texas by making a gift of just $10 or more now!
Proudly standing with Texas women,

Nancy Northup

P.S. Texans have a long history of fighting for their personal freedom. Texas can set an example for the rest of the country by overturning this extreme ultrasound law. I urge you to join Team Texas right now with a gift of $10 or more and help us take immediate legal action to block this law from going into effect. Thank you.
P.P.S. Don’t forget that we’ll send you a free bumper sticker to show you stand with the women of your state!”