Texans Honor Roe Anniversary with Promise to Fight Back

On Friday, January 22nd, Whole Woman’s Health, along with our Texas coalition partners, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, the Texas Research Institute, the Texas Freedom Network, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, ACLU of Texas, Shift, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, honored the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with a rally to support the upcoming Supreme Court case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (formerly Cole) and to kick off the Fight Back Texas 2016 Truth Tour!

Just like the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is a fight that started in Texas and is set to hit the national stage (although we’ve been in the national spotlight since the Wendy Davis filibuster). This case will transform the way abortion is accessed in the United States by either blocking unjust laws, or opening the floodgates for them to spread state-by-state.

The disastrous impact of HB2 is more than theoretical. It is intimately felt in our communities, our neighborhoods, and in our homes. The Fight Back Texas Truth Tour will be visiting these communities over the next few weeks to shine a bright light on those voices and to reaffirm our pledge to fight back against laws that do nothing more than remove a person’s ability to determine the course of their life.


So, what better day to launch the Truth Tour than the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade!? We were joined on that chilly (some would say it was straight up frigid) afternoon at the Texas State Capitol with rally MC, Lizz Winstead and some of the most vocal, steadfast abortion rights supporters in Texas.



Photo-20160124165834284.jpgPlanned Parenthood Texas Votes – partners in the fight against HB2!


Photo-20160124165834416.jpgAmanda Williams, first ever executive director for the Lilith Fund of Reproductive Equity, giving an interview before the rally starts.


“This is what a wall of choice looks like!” Rally MC Lizz Winstead, Daily Show co-founder and creator of Lady Parts Justice!


Don’t let those blue skies fool you, it was coooooooold!


“We must all stand together.” Senator Kirk Watson, a driving force behind the Wendy Davis filibuster (who also stood the entire duration) and vocal abortion-rights supporter, was the second speaker to take the stage.


“Some lawmakers at the Capital work session after session to strip away our rights. These legislators pander to a vocal minority. They are working against your interests.” TX State Representative Donna Howard.


Photo-20160124165834674.jpg“I want to help break the cycle of abortion stigma.” President of the UT student chapter of the Texas Freedom Network.


“I let them know that we are here w/out judgment despite whatever law is in place. Every day we hear their stories and try to give them a voice that this decision is ok for them to make. In the end these laws are only hurting thousands of Texans and perpetuating a cycle that takes away decisions for women.” Marva Sadler, director of clinical services for Whole Woman’s Health.


Photo-20160124165834775.jpg“Y’all, the Hyde Amendment should have never been passed.” So much truth coming from Sofia Peña of La Frontera Fund!


Photo-20160124165834826.jpg“El Pueblo undo, jamás cera vencido!” Lucy Felix, NLIRH.




“At Whole Woman’s Health our clinic staff and doctor’s care for women across Texas who have faced significant barriers accessing the abortion care they need, and that lack of access is only going to get worse unless we get intervention from the Supreme Court. Women need care in their local communities; no matter where they live, or what their status is, women deserve to have the option to go to a local clinic they trust.” Amy Hagstrom Miller, president & CEO of Whole Woman’s Health.




Amy Hagstrom Miller posing with members of the El Paso urge chapter! Over 30 drove the distance to show their support in person at the rally!
Thanks again to everyone who came out for the rally! You can continue to show your support for the fight against HB2! Text ‘Fight Back’ to 97779 or click here to sign the pledge and stay tuned for more informaton regarding the Truth Tour!