It’s OK to Feel That Way: We are Here to Help

Whole Woman’s Health Offers Counseling

At Whole Woman’s Health, we understand that there is more to an abortion than just the procedure. While abortion is an extremely common experience, many women feel isolated or alone when they have an abortion.  That’s why we provide free post abortion counseling services.

There are a range of emotions surrounding abortion that can often make a patient feel confused: relief, resolve, empowerment, happiness, sadness or guilt. Some patients feel combination of them all. Overwhelmingly, patients feel confident in their decision but at the same time, feel sad about having an abortion. And it’s completely normal!

As common as an abortion is, it can be hard to talk about. We live in a world today that stigmatizes abortion politically, religiously, and culturally. Thus, it is the stigma that is meant to make people feel badly and question their decision.

Remember, you are not alone! Over one-third of Americans have had an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. The silence surrounding abortion hurts us all. Therefore, we need to find our voice and share our stories.

If you are looking for additional counseling materials, we recommend All-Options, a non-judgmental, free, post-abortion hotline. For that, we also offer counseling links where patients can explore more about other’s experiences and share their story. There is also a post abortion workbook written by counselors we trust.

This is a journey that many people before you have traveled. We are here to guide you through this process with compassion, support and tools that you need to be a Whole Woman.

We look forward to helping you navigate throughout this journey.