Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds House Bill 2





After waiting for the 5th Circuit Court to hand down their ruling on the provisions of House Bill 2, we are unsurprised today to find out that they have found the bill and its restrictions to be constitutional. 


Here is a response from Amy Hagstrom Miller, our Founder, President, and CEO, in regards to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upholding restrictions of HB2 that has caused clinics across the state to close and leaving many women without access to safe, abortion care. 


“We are not surprised by this ruling from the Fifth Circuit– justice has not been served with this ruling. Texas has left thousands of women and families behind in its crusade to end safe abortion by any means necessary and they are using women’s bodies and women’s lives in a political football game. Texas women deserve right to the same safe and professional healthcare that women receive all across America. 

Our hearts are heavy today because we know the women who are left behind.

The legislators lied when they said this law wouldn’t close clinics.

This law has closed clinics. 

This law has denied women access to safe care.

This law is now and will in the future do great damage to the healthcare infrastructure in the state of Texas.

Whole Woman’s Health is doing all that we can to keep our clinics open and to fight these laws but we cannot do it alone. It’s time for Texans to wake up.”