Each Step Forward Gives Us Hope.

As we’re sure anyone can imagine, we’ve had to make many tactical decisions and longterm plans since the passage of House Bill 2, all of them proving to be very difficult. In making these decisions, we’ve seen some progress this past week, with breakthroughs for us as a business and the prime healthcare that we bring to women everyday.

One of the most important breakthroughs we’ve had has been the discovery that there are people in healthcare that are stepping up and standing for Texas women even in light of bad legislation. Last week, we trained a new MD in one of our clinics and they quickly showed us that the passion, the professionalism, and the access to reproductive healthcare and abortion cannot be undone so easily. We look forward to this MD’s incredible work as we move forward with more and more momentum.

As one of our patients said in their evaluation this weekend: “I’ve never been to a clinic that made me feel this safe and welcome. You made it so that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.”

No matter the outcome of what happens to our clinics in Texas, we know that we will always work to eradicate the stigma surrounding abortion in Texas and around the country, one woman at a time. 

It’s Sunday, August 25th, and we have 65 days left.