Come Party With Lady Parts Justice

On September 27th, join Lady Parts Justice for their V to Shining V campaign as they host parties in every state across the US to call out anti-choice politicians for legislating against a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion care! Lady Parts Justice was started by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Co-Producer, Lizz Winstead, and it has state-by-state videos for you to watch and learn about what anti-choice laws have been passing in your state and what you can do to stop them. Texas specifically has a “Wrecking Ball” parody with Lady Parts Justice’s very own uterus puppet, Eunice.

Here are five reasons to join (from Lady Parts Justice’s website):

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.47.55 PM1. Because women decide elections and if we get together, blow this shit up in a smart and funny way, we just may be able to get folks to sit up, take action and reverse this erosion of rights.

2. Because neanderthal politicians are spending all their time making laws that put YOUR body squarely into THEIR hands.

3. Because extremist goon squads exist in EVERY statehouse in America and are sneaking in tons of creepy legislation. We’re staying on top of this shit so you can stay on top this shit.

4. Because you use birth control.

5. Because you like sex and it’s not all about having babies. Think about it, if it were there would be no room to stand.

Now, Lady Parts Justice is starting V to Shining V, a national party to make plans on how we’re going to take back what anti-choice legislators have taken from us in over 20 states across the country. Regardless of where you live, you can sign up to get a party kit of sweet V to Shining V gifts curated by Lizz Winstead herself to throw your own V to Shining V party with you and your friends!

Do you live in California, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, or Wisconsin? Perfect. All of these states are hosting public parties with local comedians, musicians, and opportunities with statewide organizations to help you fight back.

Now, here’s where Whole Woman’s Health comes in: do you live in Texas, want to party with us, see some great entertainment, and take down these anti-choice politicians that we’ve been fighting against in court? Join us on September 27th from 7:30-9:30pm for the official Texas party at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress with local comedians Maggie Maye, Daniel Webb, Genevieve Van Cleve, Julie Gillis and musical guests Burgess Meredith (acoustic set), Magna Carda, Elizabeth McQueen, and Nakia.

V to Shining V Texas Party Banner (Ultraviolet, Lady Parts Justice)

Join us in any state you can for your own V to Shining V party, and if you’re in Texas, we’ll see you at Jo’s on September 27th!