A Patient Story: Women’s Resilience

For a clinic phone counselor, sometimes taking so many phone calls in a day can be tough. At one point, I remember taking well over 80 calls in a few hours. Taking that many phone calls and sharing the same information, no matter what info you’re sharing, can wear on you… But then you talk to somebody who openly shares their story, and it instantly re-affirms why you do this. It even makes you excited about taking the next 80 calls.

Today that phone call was from a woman being treated for leukemia. She’s on Medicaid, she has no friends/family to ask for help, and she’s pregnant. The Medicaid covers some of her many medications. It also covered the many x-rays she’s had thus far while pregnant. I asked her if she’s had an ultrasound, and she said she hadn’t, but she did go to a place that confirmed the pregnancy – a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Her Physician has told her that continuing her pregnancy could compromise her leukemia treatment and her health, as well as the baby’s. When she discussed this with the CPC, she said that they told her, “Everything will probably be fine. Babies are very resilient.”

She said she sat in their office and came to the realization that they cared more about what’s inside of her than her. I think she might have hit the nail on the head.

But the amazing thing was that regardless of all she’s been through, she sounded happy. She was laughing and cracking jokes, with me. And even after being told otherwise, she knows she’s doing the right thing for herself. Right now, she’s using her strength and energy to be the resilient one.

I am so sorry that women like her are sometimes told that their lives are compromisable. They aren’t. We hope to make that a revelation that every woman has, when they step foot in our clinic.

We’re taking her through the financial assistance process, referring her to other funds like Texas’ Lilith Fund and supporting her every step of the way.

Here’s to women’s resilience!