A Mother’s Day Letter

Sometimes we get some pretty crappy things in the mail. The most recent one was a newsletter from a national “pro-life” organization asking us to turn our Doctors in for cash.

But sometimes we get mail from former patients. This piece of mail came in the form of a thank you card. Inside, it read:

“Mother’s Day 2011

Dear Staff,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the safe and compassionate abortion services you provide. I was a patient of your clinic in 2001. While I faced a tough decision, I know I made the right one. The proof is in the faces of the two little boys I’m proud to call my own. Your clinic allowed me to choose my LIFE’s path. I’ve traveled the world, earned a couple of degrees, found true love, and cultivated a beautiful family. None of my successes would have been possible without your help. Thank you for your difficult, diligent work. Thank you for giving me a choice. My life is so full and glorious. I wish you much love and strength.”

This was such a special thing to receive. I especially wanted to share this with our supporters and allies. It may be physically addressed to us, but this is the fruit of the rights which we all work to uphold. True compassion goes a long way. Let’s keep at it!