51 Days Left: There’s Nothing Like a Boost in Morale.

You may recall when we posted about one of our clinic doctors resigning in August, not even a month after HB2 had passed and we learned that we needed to have hospital admitting privileges by the end of October. That was obviously a terrible event and it was one of the main reasons that we wanted to share our journey with you on this blog, but it has also taught us that when one door closes, two more open. 

This week we’ve been approached by two physicians that used to work for us in the past but had since gone on to open up their own practices. Both of these physicians are highly-trained, professional, and want to come back to Whole Woman’s Health to help us keep our doors open in Texas. Obviously, we’re welcoming them with open arms. 

On Friday last week, we hosted an employee pot luck in our HQ in Austin to go over where our company is going at the moment and to hold a Q & A with our founder and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller. Employees were given the opportunity to ask questions about what was happening with our company and what Amy thought might happen in the future. She gave updates, speculation, and lifted a great deal off of all of our shoulders. We’ve come back to work this week with a renewed sense of drive to keep delivering the compassionate care to women that we always have.

Amy also gave us a word of advice at the end of the potluck: “No matter how bad things get, you’ve always got to remember to have a sense of humor. No matter what.”