41 Days Left: The Best of Austin Awards



Photo credit: CollabnArt

Recently, the Austin Chronicle had its annual Best of Austin contest where readers and critics submit their favorite things about Austin, from best restroom and best composer to best laundromat and best legislative moment (Wendy Davis!). We were very excited that the coalition we are a part of, Stand with Texas Women, came in first for best grassroots movement. Here’s the synopsis:

The bumper sticker goes, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Perhaps that’s why so many of those standing with Texas women didn’t mind being called an “unruly mob.” When the powers that be refused to listen to an outpouring of public testimony against the sweeping abortion restrictions bill, there was little left to do than to stop playing by the rules. Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, singing to the crowd at the movement’s largest rally, may have said it best. Whether behind the scenes or in front of the Capitol, the feminist army was “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

It’s invaluable knowing that, in the midst of all of our contingency planning and preparing for what’s ahead in HB2’s implementation, the movement lives on outside of the walls of the Capitol. That’s why this award goes out to all of those that wore orange this summer and spent hours upon hours blogging, tweeting, protesting, eating the food and drinks that were brought to us from local businesses, and stood on the front steps of the capitol on that late night when HB2 passed out of the Senate. You won this award.