Whole Woman’s Health: What You Need to Know about Plan B (and our discount during SXSW.)

Anybody who has ever been in Austin, TX during the SXSW festival knows that it can get a little nuts. Ok – a lot of nuts. People either pile into the city, or they flee away in a hurry before it begins. That said, Whole Woman’s Health wants to make sure that people will be doing whatever-it-is-that-they-may-be-doing-(you-really-don’t-have-to-tell-us-about-it)… safely.

We will be offering a discount on Plan B this year throughout the entire festival. If you spot one of these flyers, pick it up and redeem it at our clinic in Austin – and feel free to pick up some free condoms, while you’re at it. 😉

Here are the top 5 things you should know about Plan B (the morning after pill) before you take it:

1.) The morning after pill is effective up to 72 hours after unsafe sex…

2.) However, it’s most effective within the first 24 hours, so it’s best not to wait.

3.) No matter how many people say it (and they do), Plan B is not the abortion pill. It works by preventing ovulation, if you have not yet ovulated. And if you *have*, and there *is* an egg floating around the inner-space of your lady parts, it works by making changes to your cervical mucus and uterine lining, making it harder for sperm to reach that unfertilized egg. If all of that doesn’t work, then as a last resort, it simply makes it harder for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus. If an egg has already been fertilized and has found its new home in your uterus, Plan B will unfortunately not be the one to write the eviction notice. (So at this point, you will probably need to devise a Plan C. We can cross that bridge together, if it happens.)

4.) Plan B cannot be administered to those 17 or younger without a parent or guardian.

5.) Plan B is available at most major pharmacies, but be wary of which one you choose! Some pharmacists as well as pharmacy techs have historically denied women access to Plan B. Why? We don’t know. A lot of them say it’s because of their moral obligation to not dispense the stuff. Which either means a.) they think Plan B = The Abortion Pill (again, no it doesn’t.) or b.) they just think you’d make a really great mother. In any case, heading to a pro-choice women’s health clinic is the best bet for a no-hassle, no-judgment purchase of Plan B.

Have any questions? Just ask! Otherwise, we’ll see you during SXSW!