Whole Woman's Health of South Bend

Whole Woman's Health of South Bend is honored to serve women in Northern Indiana with the highest quality abortion care; treating the mind, the body and the heart with the dignity and respect Midwesterners need at a potentially challenging time in their lives.  We are a patient-centered women's abortion clinic and healthcare practice, where our focus is on the whole woman: her mind, her heart, and her body. We believe all healthcare, especially reproductive health and abortion services, can better serve our community with a holistic approach. We explain medical procedures and share their results, and we pay attention to how our patients feel. We have all been patients before, and we understand the fear and the anxiety that is often experienced in medical settings.

Whole Woman's Health of South Bend offers reproductive health services, including:

  • Abortion care, abortion pill up to 10 weeks
  • Individual and family counseling services for pregnancy options
  • Compassionate physicians and staff available to meet your healthcare needs
  • Options counseling
  • Ultrasounds

We pride ourselves on our private, individualized approach. We are happy to invite your family or loved ones to be a part of your experience here, if you like.

We believe that compassionate, personal, safe abortion care is a vital part of healthcare. We specialize in this unique area of medicine and possess a remarkable level of expertise. Whole Woman's Health clinics lead the nation in abortion care for your body, your mind and your heart. Our Individualized Services include:

Free Walk-in Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy testing (4-5 days after conception) available.


Ultrasounds to determine the exact length of the pregnancy. (Special discounts are offered to un-insured women, or women with financial need.)

Medication Abortion

(Sometimes called the Abortion Pill) Available to women up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

In Indiana, State law requires parental/guardian consent to an abortion for a patient under 18 years of age. The parent/guardian show a government issued ID.

Financial Assistance

Personal fundraising, discounts and immediate financial help for patients in need.

We understand this can be a challenging time for you. We pride ourselves in making our abortion care services among the most affordable in the area. We will respect your needs and work to make you comfortable during your time with us. We understand that an abortion decision requires time, thought, and trust. An unplanned pregnancy often provokes an intense examination of our life and our values. A planned pregnancy that is no longer possible, or is medically challenged, can be heartbreaking. Our trained counseling team allows you the space to explore your feelings and get you the support you need to move forward. We honor and respect the complexity of every woman's life and every pregnancy decision. Call us with any questions or to make an appointment for any service, or to simply talk about your situation. Our warm staff will gather your information, thoroughly answer your questions, and explain your options.

Laws and Regulations

Indiana has an 18 hour waiting period. All patients seeking abortion services must receive state mandated information during a face to face visit at Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend at least 18 hours prior to their procedure.

In Indiana, state law requires a parent consent to an abortion procedure for their child, if the child is under 18. The parent/guardian must be notified by Whole Woman's Health of South Bend by telephone or in-person 24 hours before, or in writing 72 hours before, the abortion.

The form below must be signed by the parent and child, and the parent's signature must be notarized by a notary public. We offer a notary public at our clinic free of charge, for parents who wish to sign the consent here on the day of the abortion.

Parental Consent - English


  • Minor declares that she is abused or neglected, and the physician has reason to suspect such neglect/abuse and reports it.
  • Patient is an emancipated minor (emancipated can be because she is married, even if no longer married; active military duty; willingly living separately from parents, with their consent; and/or has an order of emancipation).
  • Judicial Bypass: hearing must occur within 4 business days; Judge should authorize the abortion if the minor is mature and able to make decision, or if the abortion is deemed to be in the minor's best interest. Judge may, or may not, waive parental notification depending on circumstances.




When you call our office, our staff will discuss the total cost of your procedure.

Our abortion prices include everything you need as a part of your visit:

  • Your ultrasound
  • All necessary lab tests
  • A private counseling education and information session
  • The abortion pills
  • Your follow-up appointment


We are able to offer a small discount to students, Medicaid recipients, and military personnel and their families. Please let us know if you'd like to take advantage of one of these discounts, so we can have you bring the appropriate identification to your appointment.
* All discounts are subject to approval and may not be used in conjunction with funding, insurance, and/or Medicaid.

Current abortion fees

Please feel free to call our office and talk with our staff to get a fee estimate for your visit.



First day counseling fee $100

Abortion pill $625

Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend