Whole Woman's Health of South Bend

Whole Woman's Health of South Bend

Whole Woman's Health of South Bend

Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend is honored to serve women in Northern Indiana with the highest quality abortion care. Unintended pregnancy is a common, shared experience and we understand the emotions that may come with considering abortion. Our staff will provide you with the information you need to make just the right decision for you.

Whole Woman's Health of South Bend offers reproductive health services, including:

We pride ourselves on our private, individualized approach. Your family or loved ones are welcome to be a part of your experience here, it’s your choice.

About Whole Woman's Health

The people we serve at Whole Woman's Health come from all walks of life - from college students to teenagers to professionals to stay at home parents; from religious and spiritual people to those struggling to figure out what they believe; from people with insurance to those who have no health care safety net and need financial support.

It is our mission to deliver excellent care with the dignity, respect and compassion you deserve and to free you from the stigma that can be associated with making the choice to have an abortion in our society.

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