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Whole Woman’s Health of Ft. Worth is a patient-centered women’s healthcare practice, where the focus is on the whole woman — her head, her heart, and her body. We believe all healthcare, especially women’s health and abortion services, can better serve our community with a holistic approach. We explain medical procedures and share their results, and we also pay attention to how our patients feel. We have all been patients before and we understand the fear and the anxiety that is often experienced in medical settings.
Whole Woman’s Health of Ft. Worth offers completely comprehensive women’s services, including:

  • Abortion care, including abortion pill – up to 10 weeks and surgical abortion to 15.6 weeks (17.6 LMP)
  • Birth control – including long acting contraceptive methods like IUD’s and implants
  • Walk-in emergency contraception
  • Individual and family counseling services
  • Kind, gentle physicians
  • Options counseling
  • Ultrasounds

We pride ourselves on our private, individualized approach. We are happy to invite your family or loved ones to be a part of your experience here, if you like. We also offer private abortion care, VIP (you are the only patient) abortion care and fast-track appointment. Please contact us for these or other special accommodations.

License# 140000

We believe that compassionate, personal, safe abortion care is a vital part of healthcare for women. We specialize in this unique area of medicine and possess a remarkable level of expertise. Our Whole Woman’s Health clinics lead the nation in abortion care for your body, your mind and your heart. Our Individualized Services include:

Free Walk-in Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy testing (4-5 days after conception) available.


Ultrasounds to determine the exact length of the pregnancy. (Special discounts are offered to un-insured women, or women with financial need.)

Medication Abortion

(Sometimes called the Abortion Pill) Available to women up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Early Surgical Abortion

Specialized surgical abortion care for 3 – 5 weeks of pregnancy.

First Trimester Abortion care

1 Day abortion procedures with optional IV Sedation.

Second Trimester Abortion care

Surgical abortion care up to 17.6 weeks LMP.

Private Abortion Care and Fast-Track options

Private and Fast-Track appointments available for patients in unique circumstances.

Financial Assistance

Personal fundraising, discounts and immediate financial help for patients in need.

We understand this can be a challenging time for you. We pride ourselves in making our abortion care services among the most affordable in the area. We will respect your needs and work to make you comfortable during your time with us. We understand that an abortion decision requires time, thought, and trust. An unplanned pregnancy often provokes an intense examination of our life and our values. A planned pregnancy that is no longer possible, or is medically challenged, can be heartbreaking. Our trained counseling team allows you the space to explore your feelings and get you the support you need to move forward. We honor and respect the complexity of every woman’s life and every pregnancy decision. Call us with any questions or to make an appointment for any service, or to simply talk about your situation. Our warm staff will gather your information, thoroughly answer your questions, and explain your options.


In order to better serve you, we offer most of our information sheets and patient forms online. We do not require that you complete these forms prior to your appointment, however please feel free to do so. If you are still unsure of which abortion method suits your individual needs, please talk to one of our staff, or complete this online workbook: Abortion—Which Method is Right for Me?

Certification Under 100 miles
Certification Over 100 miles

Forms required for all abortion procedures:

Medical History

Medical-History – English
Medical-History – Spanish

Counseling Conversation Worksheet

Counseling Worksheet – English
Counseling Worksheet – Spanish

State Mandated Information Documentation

SMI Documentation – English
State Mandated Information – Spanish

Birth Control History and Consent

Contraceptive Screening – English
Contraceptive Screening – Spanish

Sonogram Consent Forms

Sonogram Consent Form – English
Sonogram Consent Form – Spanish

Additional forms for the abortion pill:

Abortion Pill Information Packet

Medical Abortion Info – English
Medication Abortion Info – Spanish

Medical Abortion Consent

Medication Abortion Consent – English
Medical Abortion Take Home – English

Take-Home Instructions

Medication Abortion Take Home – English
Medication Abortion Take Home – Spanish

At Home Symptom Diary

At Home Symptom Diary (English)

Additional forms for early surgical abortion:

First Trimester Surgical Abortion Information Packet

1st Tri Surgical Info Packet (English)
1st Tri Surgical Info Packet (Spanish)

Surgical Abortion Consent

Surgical Abortion Consent (English)
Surgical Abortion Consent (Spanish)

Surgical Abortion Post-Op Instructions

Surgical Abortion Post Op (English)
Surgical Abortion Post Op (Spanish)

Additional forms for second trimester abortion:

Second Trimester Surgical Abortion Information Packet

2nd Trimester Info (English)
2nd Tri Information Packet (Spanish)

Surgical Abortion Post-Op Instructions

Surgical Abortion Post Op (English)
Surgical Abortion Post Op (Spanish)

Additional forms for minors (under age 18) seeking an abortion

In Texas, state law requires a parent consent to an abortion procedure for their child, if the child is under 18. The form below must be signed by the parent and child, and the parent’s signature must be notarized by a notary public. We offer a notary public at our clinic free of charge, for parents who wish to sign the consent here on the day of the abortion.

Parental Consent - English

Patient rights and responsibilities form:

(Required for patients seeking second trimester abortion care)

Patient rights and responsibilities (English)

When you call our office, our staff will discuss your options and estimate the total cost of your procedure. Knowing the first day of your last menstrual period and which sedation options you prefer will help us more accurately estimate this cost. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and checks.

Our abortion prices include everything you need as a part of your visit:

  • Ultrasound
  • Labwork
  • Counseling
  • Local anesthesia (during surgical abortion)
  • The abortion, whether by pill or surgery
  • Light sedation and pain management medications
  • Recovery time, including a light snack and our own calming herbal tea
  • Follow up appointment
  • Access to our 24-hour nurse hotline


We are able to offer a small discount to students, Medicaid recipients, and military personnel and their families. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of one of these discounts, so we can have you bring the appropriate identification to your appointment.
*All discounts are subject to approval and may not be used in conjunction with funding, insurance, and/or Medicaid.

*We accept insurance and Medicaid for abortion services in all states where we are allowed to.

Financial Assistance

At Whole Woman’s Health, we understand that coming up with the money to pay for an abortion can be difficult. For those women with extreme financial hardship, Whole Woman’s Health collaborates with many local and national funding organizations to help raise the money for your abortion. We employ several funding experts that can offer you advice and guide you through the funding process.

Current abortion fees

Please feel free to call our office and talk with our staff to get a fee estimate for your visit.

First day counseling fee $100
Abortion pill to 10 weeks $650
First trimester surgical abortion to 12 weeks $650
Second trimester surgical abortion, based on the length of pregnancy 12-15.6 weeks $625-$950
Twilight sedation during surgery (optional) Included

We also offer all the post-abortion medications, including antibiotics and painkillers, at our in-house pharmacy for extremely affordable prices.


Facing an unplanned pregnancy can raise some complex issues, regardless of what you decide. Some women just need to talk through the decision with someone outside their life. Other women know what they plan to do about the pregnancy, but need to talk to someone about issues related to the decision, like relationships, values, or personal development. No matter what’s on your mind, we want to help you approach the abortion decision with a calm spirit and a healthy heart.

Special-Case Abortion Counseling

At Whole Woman’s Health, we understand that there are many reasons why a woman might have an abortion. Some of our staff have been working with women in the abortion field for most of their lives. We have skilled counselors who are able to discuss the most difficult situations, from fetal anomalies to domestic abuse and rape crisis intervention. We’re confident that we can help you through this difficult time, and help you come to a peaceful decision.

Post-Abortion Counseling

While many women do not experience difficult feelings following their abortion, some do, and it is important to acknowledge these feelings as part of the healing process. We understand that a decision can be right and still be sad. We are here to listen and offer support.

Local Counseling and Therapy Referrals

Please contact us for a list of pro-choice, woman-centered therapists in your area who can provide you with longer-term individual or couples counseling.

*More information and counseling fees can be found by clicking on the clinic nearest you.

Counseling Links

At Whole Woman’s Health, we understand that the Internet is a great tool for finding information and support. It can be an excellent resource to help you in your decision making process or with post-abortion healing.

Unfortunately, as you search online, you may come across information that is negative, anti-choice, or just plain wrong. We want women to access accurate and honest information when searching online. These links are pro-choice and supportive.


A great workbook online, to guide you through the decision-making process when facing a pregnancy decision


An excellent resource for women who may have religious or spiritual questions regarding abortion. Faith Aloud provides free counseling and many other great resources for women.


A website to help you decide if the surgical or pill method is right for you.


This site offers accurate, unbiased information on a variety of reproductive health rights, including abortion. It contains links to many other pro-choice websites.


This free talk line offers a safe and confidential space for women and their loved ones to talk openly about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.


A site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion.


Our truths/nuestras verdades is a quarterly print and on-line bilingual magazine dedicated to bringing to light the diversity of abortion experiences.


The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) offers resources on clarifying one’s spiritual beliefs around abortion, as well as a comprehensive list of publications for download on individual religions’ stances on choice.


This site is a “voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a woman’s moral and legal right to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health.”

NOTE: As of October 1st, we have moved! We are no longer located on S. Main Street. You can now find us on Lackland Road, between I-30 and Camp Bowie Blvd.

3256 Lackland Rd Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: (817) 924-6641

Toll-free: (800) 778-2444

Fax: (817)-924-6655

The time surrounding an abortion decision for some women can be intense emotionally—for many women it provokes an examination of some big issues about her future, her relationship, or her values. No matter what you decide, facing an unplanned pregnancy can be present intense feelings.

The predominant feeling most women report after an abortion is relief, but you may feel confusion, resolve, empowerment, sadness, guilt, happiness, or a combination of mixed feelings. Many women talk about feeling confident about their decision, and also feeling sad about having an abortion. Honor your own feelings—there is no right way to feel. Allow yourself the same freedom to have feelings as you would after any major life event or big decision.

Even though abortion is very common, it can be hard to talk about, especially because of all the political, religious, and cultural stigma involved. If you want to talk to someone after the abortion, feel free to call our office and talk to a counselor for free:

Contact Us »

We recommend All-Options, a non-judgmental, free, post-abortion hotline. Feel free to check out our counseling links to explore more about other’s experiences, and share your story.

Abortion is an extremely common experience—over one-third of American women have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old—and yet many women feel isolated or alone when they have an abortion. The silence around abortion hurts us all. FIND YOUR VOICE and talk to someone you trust.  You are not alone.

We have a nurse on-call 24 hours a day if you have a medical concern. Of course, if you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

At Whole Woman’s Health, we know that confidentiality and time constraints are often concerns for many women when thinking about abortion. We respect that certain people need an even more private abortion, or wish to pay an additional fee for expedited care.

VIP Abortion Care

VIP abortion care at Whole Woman’s Health means having an abortion at our clinic in a completely individualized, confidential setting—the staff and physician are in the office that day exclusively to care for you, and no other patients will be in the office when you are there.  Your scheduled time with us is typically much shorter and completely focused on you.

VIP abortion care also includes a post-abortion care basket.  You will be served a light meal in the aftercare room before you leave.  You can also expect a personal follow up call several days later from the nurse.

Private Abortion Care

If privacy is your major concern, a private abortion allows you and your support person to be escorted directly into your own room, where you can stay throughout your visit.  The staff and physician will come to your private room, and you will have your entire visit – from paperwork to counseling to the abortion itself – in a room of your own.

Private abortion care also includes healing herbal tea in your own Whole Woman’s Health mug and a personal follow up call several days later from the nurse.

Fast Track Care

Some patients do not need the privacy afforded by a private abortion option, but due to schedule constraints, their time in the office must be expedited.  We are able to accommodate these patients as well, by ensuring they are the first patient seen at each step of the process, including the abortion procedure.

Please note that these specialty visits are somewhat more expensive due to the extra staff time involved, and this extra cost is not covered by insurance companies. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more or make arrangements.

For some women in very public positions, or in relationships where danger can be a variable, confidentiality can be related to their very job security of safety. Of course we understand confidentiality isn’t about shame or stigma; rather, for some it’s an issue that presents more barriers than time or finances. We get this and are here to help.

Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth

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