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Whole Woman’s Surgical Center

The following information is for women who may be seen in our Whole Woman’s Surgical Center in San Antonio. Our Surgical Center is capable of accomodating women who are in their second trimester and may require 2-3 day procedures. Below is some information on what you might expect during your second trimester abortion (16 – 20 weeks) in our Surgical Center. Effective October 29th, 2013, we will only be able to accommodate elective abortion procedures up to 22 weeks LMP due to the passage of House Bill 2. For specific questions, or to make an appointment with our phone counselors, please call us.

Your appointment will include:

Pre-Operative Work-Up

A pre-operative work-up must be completed before you arrive for your appointment at our Surgical Center. This visit can be completed at any Whole Woman’s Health clinic site in Texas, including the clinic we have on site in San Antonio adjacent to our Surgical Center. Some of the tests below can also be completed by your referring physician. Please discuss these with our staff when you make your appointment.  Pre-op tests include:

  • An ultrasound to determine the length of your pregnancy, to confirm placental location  and to confirm the pregnancy is in the uterus.
  • Lab work to check your vital signs, weight, iron count and your blood type factor.


You will meet privately with a counselor to talk about how you’re feeling and to prepare for your surgery. In this counseling session, you will learn about the procedure, discuss your contraceptive needs (if any) and go over your aftercare instructions. Counseling is a good time to ask questions, talk about your decision to terminate the pregnancy and share any concerns you may have emotionally.

We know that discussing these things pre-operatively helps to make the surgery days and your post operative healing time progress smoothly. Connecting your head and your heart in this decision will improve both your physical and emotional health. We are committed to helping you find the strength within yourself during this time.

Pain Management Options

Local anesthesia and pre-op pain/anxiety medications are included in the cost of surgical care at WWSC. The following may be added to your visit and may require additional payment:

  • IV-Sedation – Sedatives are given intravenously to help with pain management and relaxation
  • General Anesthesia – We are one of the few providers who offer this pain-free option. There are additional pre-operative instructions and fees with GA, so please call ahead to schedule this option.

Beginning Your Abortion

You will meet with our physician and our nursing staff to review your medical history and make a care plan for you. Patients who are 16 weeks or more will receive medication  and laminaria to prepare the uterus  and begin cervical dilation prior to surgery.

Once the medication has been injected and the laminaria has been inserted, the abortion procedure has begun. In order to monitor your health and safety, it is required that you and your escort spend the night in San Antonio.

Our primary concern is your safety and comfort.

Completing Your Abortion

On Day 2, you will receive medications to further dilate your cervix and help you relax. You will receive the anesthesia of your choice, and the physician will complete your surgery. The surgery itself will take about 30 minutes, but you will be in our Center for 4 to 5 hours. We will be in the room along with you and the doctor to support you through the procedure.


Following your abortion, our nurse will escort you to the recovery room, where your friend, partner or family member can come in and sit with you.  We will offer our specially created Tranquili-TEA and snacks for you. You may have some cramps and bleeding at this time. Cramps are expected, as the uterus must now return to its normal size. You will receive pain medication and the nurse will review your aftercare instructions sheet, post-op appointment arrangements and your prescriptions. After 30-60 minutes, you will be able to go home.

Returning To Your Life

Many women tell us they never thought they’d have an abortion in their lifetime. We know you are a good woman making good choices for your life, and we are here to support you. As you leave us, please remember to honor yourself and respect the journey you have been on.




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