Paying with Paypal

How To: Pay for your appointment with Paypal

Relatives and friends can now remotely pay for appointments at Whole Woman’s Health using Paypal, online. If you would like to pay for an appointment at Whole Woman’s Health using Paypal, please follow the instructions below.

1. Call our Empower-Line to get an estimate of how much your appointment will total.

2. The person paying that amount will then go to: , and select the option ,”Send Money,” from the top toolbar.

3. Enter the amount owed, and continue to follow the instructions until it prompts you for a recipient’s email address. Use this email address:

4. In the message field, please provide the patient’s name, as well as the Whole Woman’s Health clinic they’ll be visiting (Austin, Baltimore, Beaumont, Fort Worth, McAllen or San Antonio.)

4. Complete the payment process, and at that time, you can call our Empower-Line to confirm that we’ve received payment.

*If the total of your services exceeds the total that was paid via Paypal, the additional charges will be due at the time of your appointment.