Women who obtain abortions represent every religious affiliation, race and financial status

Careers at Whole Woman’s Health

Whole Woman’s Health offers a progressive, feminist environment for professional growth and satisfaction. Our staff consists of committed, innovative, talented and fun people. We employ physicians, nurses, medical assistants, counselors, social workers, administrative assistants, and patient advocates. Working at Whole Woman’s Health changes your life.

Vision: We are here to change how women experience themselves in the world; women’s healthcare is our venue. 

Philosophy: We have a holistic approach to healthcare. We understand that women experience medical issues with their whole selves, often including their families, their religion/beliefs, their history and their dreams. We listen to women, trust women and are here to guide them through their choices. 

Mission Statement: We are women’s health care providers specializing in abortion. It is our mission to welcome and treat the whole woman – her head, her heart and her body. We provide education, counseling, informed consent, medical care, and trust. We honor women’s hopes, dreams and intentions in all of the care that we provide. 

We also offer volunteer and internship opportunities. Our volunteers and interns are just as much a part of Whole Woman’s Health as our other staff; they are given the same deep training in our procedures and philosophy, and they are held to the same high standards of care for our patients. We are eager to create a meaningful position for people who want to make a difference. Contact us for more information on our volunteer and internship program.

We encourage you to fax or e-mail your resume to the contact information provided below. For more open positions please visit our careers page on Indeed.

To apply to any of the open positions below, please email resume and cover letter to

Fax: 512-832-6568
Phone: 877-835-1090


Open Positions

EmpowerLine Bilingual Women’s Health Advocate – Minneapolis, MN

Clinic Manager (Whole Woman’s Health Alliance) – Austin, TX

Executive Assistant (EA) – San Antonio, TX

Marketing Communications Manager – Austin, TX, Charlottesville, VA and Minneapolis, MN

LVN/LPN – Minneapolis, MN

RN and LPN – Fort Worth, TX


Position Descriptions

EmpowerLine Bilingual Women’s Health Advocate – Minneapolis, MN

Directly responsible to: EmpowerLine Administrator

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
Experience: One year’s experience in a health care facility or working in customer service/phone service position. Counseling experience in a related field such as domestic violence, youth, etc. is beneficial.
The EmpowerLine’s Women’s Health Advocate is most often the first person a potential patient speaks to about her abortion, thus they will provide guidance to callers by answering questions, setting appointments, providing financial counseling, and anticipating patient needs prior to arrival at the clinic.
The Whole Woman’s Health philosophy is centered on caring for the whole woman – her head, heart, and body. The Women’s Health Advocate integrates this philosophy in their approach by using active listening skills, ‘reading between the lines’ when the caller speaks to affirm/assess the caller’s needs, feelings about, abilities to cope with, and understanding of the abortion process. Women’s Health Advocates understand that patients may not know everything about this experience and so it is our responsibility to be forthcoming with information and guide her through this process with empathy and kindness.
General Requirements
  • Believes in and promotes a culture of empowerment
  • Be professional, courteous, and savvy at all times
  • To communicate verbally with excellent diction
  • React physically and mentally to emergency situations
  • Be able to give care without bias or judgment
  • Be able to give care with dignity and respect, in a manner that is empowering and enhances our patient’s self-esteem and self-worth
  • To understand that we do not create victims. We trust and listen to women.
  • Be flexible, cooperative, and adaptable.
  • Loves to learn new things, jumps in and asks questions, participates actively in the learning process.
  • Fluency in Spanish is required

Physical Requirements

Must possess the ability and capability to perform any task in the office. Must be able to lift 15 lbs or more and be able to physically move through the office unaided. Must have strong hearing and visual capacity.

Must possess the ability to remain seated and review information on a computer screen for long periods of time.

Essential Functions

  • Be available to answer phone calls from patients, parents, and partners regarding the abortion procedure, contraception, aftercare, and state laws applicable to abortion. Women’s Health Advocates may also be required to complete other types of phone communication with patients, including no-show check-ins and confirmation calls.
  • Proficiency in and adherence to internal systems regarding how an appointment is made, the purpose of the paperwork involved, and what paperwork goes where, including those related to insurance and private funding organizations.
  • Strong aptitude in operating computers and use of the Whole Woman’s health appointment software, AdvancedMD.
  • Be knowledgeable of all funding options for each patient.
  • Be able to increase the patient’s comfort, and to provide an atmosphere of non-judgmental support wherein the patient may freely express questions and concerns about her pregnancy and abortion.
  • Be able to ascertain how much the woman already knows about the abortion procedure, and provide an appropriate description of the female anatomy, pregnancy, and the abortion procedure as needed. Knowledge of early termination processes are required.
  • Give the patient the opportunity to express further questions or concerns and concerns and encourage her to identify and use her internal and external resources for coping in a positive manner with the abortion experience. At this point, the Women’s Health Advocate may occasionally (and actively) suggest referral for additional counseling or other services, and/or offer resources (services, pamphlets, books, and web-sites).
  • Uphold Whole Woman’s Health customer service standards including, but not limited to, answering incoming phone calls by the third ring and putting ‘people before paper.’
  • Promote the overall success of the EmpowerLine by demonstrating teamwork.

Clinic Manager (Whole Woman’s Health Alliance) – Austin, TX

The Clinic Manager will work directly with the Director of Clinic Services (DCS) to lead the clinic and its staff on a day to day basis. The Clinic Manager is responsible for all office activities, including staffing, supervision, systems development and review, running sessions, coordinating compliance with regulations and building team spirit. S/he will work closely with the Director of Clinic Services and other leadership staff as needed. A Clinic Manager must be respectful, empathetic, and able to maintain a patient-centered atmosphere. He/She must demonstrate a strong commitment and interest in the field of women’s health and must be able to inspire others to do good work; not just do all the work him/herself.

General Requirements

  • BA/BS degree in Business Administration, Management, a health-related field, or a licensed nurse is preferred.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years in a progressively responsible management roles.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in healthcare, women’s health and/or abortion care preferred.
  • Fluency in Spanish is desirable.
  • Management skills — proven leadership.
  • Discretion and appropriate boundaries, keeps proprietary information confidential, and maintains professional boundaries in relationships with staff.
  • Organizational skills — able to develop systems and train staff on them.
  • Business skills and savvy.
  • Time management.
  • Competence using computers, Microsoft Office suite software/web ware, office and medical equipment.
  • Experience with medical billing, posting charges, and basic accounting.
  • Must be able to work 5 days/week, including Saturdays.

Required Continuing Education/Training

  • Certification in Basic Life Support, biannually.
  • Training in/knowledge of emergency supplies, their inventory, their location in the office, and their use.
  • Annual OSHA and personal protective equipment training.
  • HIPAA training.
  • Security updates (FACE, etc).

Directly responsible to: Director of Clinic Services

Physical Requirements: Must possess the capability to perform any task in the office. Must be able to lift 25 lbs. or more, can physically move through the clinic unaided, and have excellent visual and hearing acuity.

Essential functions

1) Communication

  • Attention should be on the patients and staff in the day to day running of the clinic. Strategic noticing, planning and prevention are key.
  • Uphold the core values of Whole Woman’s Health. Practice open and honest conversation. Remember we hold women to their greatest — this means you, your staff and the women in our care.
  • Communicate each day’s “vital signs” to the DCS.
  • Maintain clear communication and rapport with MDs.
  • Understand all WW policies, procedures, protocols
  • Communicate regularly with staff — memos, meetings, workshops.

2) Leadership/Supervision

  • Walk the talk in all actions and words — be a role model of the WWH mission and vision for the staff and the people in our care.
  • Run the TOP and GYN sessions. Be on-site whenever there is a clinic in session.
  • Supervise the clinic flow, manage triage and promote efficiency.
  • Understand of emergency protocols and responses.
  • Maintain an extraordinary working relationship between the front office and clinical staff members building a bridge between the two areas.

3) Administration

  • If Clinic Manager meets the requirements as defined by the state licensing requirements, the Clinic manager may either act as the Administrator for DSHS purposes.

4) Staffing

  • Responsible for staff scheduling and staff payroll submission.
  • Staff hiring, firing, and evaluation (in conjunction with Human Resources).
  • New employee orientation and training.
  • Maintain local staff and MD personnel files.

5) Customer Service

  • Phones are our life-line. Superb phones skills are mandatory.
  • Focus must be on making every woman in our care feel important.
  • Monitor quality of service throughout the office. Ensure that our philosophies about patient centered care and treating the Whole Woman are maintained in all of our work. The women on our staff an in our care should feel that they matter.
  • Focus on practice improvement and quality issues. Note services we may add and discuss ways to improve our care.

6) Systems management

  • Be accountable for patient records management.
  • Manage patient appointment templates, scheduling and follow-up systems.
  • Be responsible for clinic monies. Must understand clinic cash flow/accounting systems.
  • Understand quality control and regulatory compliance.
  • Demonstrate expertise in Risk Management.

7) Community Marketing and Public Relations

  • Work with the Director of Marketing and the Director of Clinic Services to develop and monitor a local outreach plan.
  • Maintain an awareness of local community issues.
  • Interact with external physicians, agencies, offices, hospitals, etc. as needed.

8) Physical plant

  • Maintain physical plant and aesthetics of the facility.
  • Obtain estimates for repair and maintenance services before services are rendered — get “ok” from Director of Operations.
  • Address problems promptly.

9) Inventory Maintenance:

  • Ensure that the inventory in the office is sufficient.
  • Keep an eye to cost effectiveness, cost containment. Comparison-shopping is mandatory–be careful of over- and under-stocking.

10) Security

  • Ensure that all security equipment and services are functioning correctly; provide training so that the staff is using it properly.
  • Serve as the local contact for the alarm company and on-site contact for police.
  • Understand federal, state, and local regulations regarding signage, protesting, picketing.
  • Decide which staff are authorized to have keys, alarm codes, access to money or and controlled medications. Supervise staff access.

Executive Assistant (EA) – Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX    

Whole Woman’s Health Vision

We are here to change how women experience themselves in the world; women’s healthcare is our venue.

 Whole Woman’s Health Philosophy

We have a holistic approach to healthcare. We understand that women experience medical issues with their whole selves, often including their families, their religion/beliefs, their history and their dreams. We listen to women, trust women and are here to guide them through their choices.

 Whole Woman’s Health Mission

We are women’s health care providers specializing in abortion. It is our mission to welcome and treat the whole woman – her head, her heart and her body. We provide education, counseling, informed consent, medical care and trust. We honor women’s hopes, dreams and intentions in all of the care that we provide.

Directly responsible to: Corporate Vice President

Education Required: Associate Degree

Experience: 3 years, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant or business office experience

The Executive Assistant works directly with the CVP, medical staff and other executives. The work environment is fast-paced and always changing. The EA needs intuition, curiosity, and listening skills.  It is important to be able to follow-through with all assignments and tasks without the need for repetitive instructions/direction.  The EA must display excellent diplomacy with all staff, executives, doctors, stakeholders and outside business associates.  The EA must be able to assist the CVP with day-to-day organization, meeting schedules and communications.

General Requirements

  • Strong systems thinker – able to design and implement streamlined systems
  • Organizational skills
  • Professionalism. Business skills and acumen.
  • Proficient computer skills; including Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, software/web ware, and office equipment
  • Quick learner with self directed work style – does not need direction on a micro level.
  • Fast paced, yet focused work style.
  • Excellent communication skills.  Bilingual (English/Spanish) is a desirable, but not necessary, asset.
  • Diplomacy, curiosity, intuition, innovation, and creativity.
  • Excellent judgment, and the ability to make decisions that require critical thinking/judgment.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Strong emotional intelligence

Physical Requirements

Must possess the ability and capability to perform any task in the office.

Must be able to lift 25 lbs or more; be able to physically move through the office unaided; and have excellent visual and hearing acuity.

Essential Functions 

  • Administration
    • Track programs and work plans developed at leadership meetings in action item list. Send reminders/deadlines to work teams as needed.
    • Provide resources, support, and notes-legal, regulatory, and political.
    • Attend meetings as assigned. Take minutes and remind the CVP of plans made/deadlines.
    • Provide CVP support and preparation for meetings, conferences, speeches, talks, etc.
    • Know WWH vendors and suppliers.
    • Know all MDs that work with WWH and WWHA.
    • Research legislation, regulations, people, markets, competition, programs, etc. as directed by the CVP.
    • Work with CVP on physician data
  • Work with CVP
    • Must walk the talk and embody the vision and mission of Whole Woman’s Health.
    • Maintain CVP’s files, books, and notes.
    • Set up meetings and travel for CVP.
    • Manage/oversee projects assigned by the CVP.
  • Communication
    • Administrative support for CVP correspondence.
    • Take good messages
    • Triage calls and emails as required
  • Growth and Acquisition
    • Develop and maintain action item list for clinic acquisitions.
    • Serve on teams as recorder and organizer when assigned.
    • Work with Executive Team as assigned and/or needed
    • Travel to clinic sites during acquisition/growth phase.
    • Set up complete paperwork, electronic documents, logs, charts, etc. for new WWH clinic sites.

Marketing Communications Manager – Austin, TX, Charlottesville, VA and Minneapolis, MN

Directly responsible to: VP of Communications

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree Required
Experience: Minimum of 2-4 years of marketing/advertising related experience in developing and executing advertising campaigns, to include online and digital platforms.
The Marketing Communications Manager  is critical because they maintain the primary mode of communication with our communities, patients and supporters. They understand the needs and wants as well as translate the values of our brand and why holistic, safe abortion care is so integral in a women’s healthcare experience.
The Marketing Communications Manager will oversee the planning, directing, and implementing strategic marketing while leading business development initiatives to support the mission and vision of Whole Woman’s Health by expanding awareness, engaging the public, attracting new audiences, developing marketing, building market share, generating leads in all markets and increasing overall profit contribution throughout the organization. They must be committed to increasing an abortion forward culture while destigmatizing abortion for all people.

General Requirements:

  • Passionate about working in women’s reproductive health and rights.  
  • Self-starter who can work independently as part of a national team.
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Unparalleled communication, writing, and editing skills required.
  • Ability to adapt and pick up new techniques required.
  • Be professional and courteous.
  • Be flexible, cooperative and adaptive.
  • Keen eye for graphic design, attention to detail, and creativity.
  • Proficiency with various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr required
  • Interest and knowledge of current events and marketing trends.

Essential Functions:

  • Devise and manage marketing and communications strategies, including traditional and digital media.
  • Perform marketing research within each community to better identify target audiences and needs.
  • Monitor and report on all earned media.
  • Utilize research findings to generate leads and maintain consistent reach, awareness and opportunities for growth in each market.
  • Continuously monitor census trends.
  • Develop innovative ways to reach target demographic in each market to include the use of technological advances, outreach organizations, advertising and patient trends.
  • Create sales growth opportunities by developing community relations and identifying referral sources.
  • Assist in the development and tracking of timelines for all content based projects.
  • Support the integrated marketing team by providing written content for branded emails, social media posts and campaigns, offline marketing material, web based stories and blogs.
  • Help review content documents across all departments for relevancy, consistency, and brand compliance.
  • Assist the integrated marketing team in decision making within the organization for prioritizing projects based on their impact on key metrics such as fundraising results.
  • Help identify opportunities for new content and PR based projects that drive organizational objectives.
  • Perform research on competitors and non-profit trends, share findings with the integrated marketing team, and take the lead on creating projects that bring in new revenue.
  • Write and edit communications copy, including website copy, brochures, social media content, e-newsletters, email blasts and blog posts.
  • Design and manage public programs and events in concert with the VP of Communications and other Marketing Communications Managers.
  • Plan and administer community outreach and initiate new collaborations within each WWH community.
  • Represent WWH at events both on-site and within the community
  • Work with Clinic and EmpowerLine Administrators to better learn what patient needs are in order to better market and advertise specific services in each market
  • Create innovative strategies to promote WWH via grassroots efforts.
  • Creates content or works with WWH staff to coordinate content, then manages the process to keep these communication tools up-to-date and engaging.
  • Reviews projects across the organization to ensure proper grammar, accuracy and meeting of style guidelines.
  • Helps build program attendance by seeking out potential audiences and creating targeted messages.
  • Plans and develops communications to support marketing objectives.
  • Collects and analyzes data to continually improve quality and effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
  • Plans and manages budget for marketing communications projects within approved plan.
  • Provides consultation and acts as a resource on marketing and marketing communications.

LVN/LPN – Minneapolis, MN

Directly responsible to: Medical Director or Clinical Coordinator.

The LVN/LPN works directly with the physicians and other staff to deliver comprehensive medical care, according to our mission, for the patients at Whole Woman’s Health. The LVN practices in a safe and proficient manner, keeping our policies and procedures and the individual patient’s needs in mind at all times. The LVN provides direct and indirect patient centered care to women and their support people under the guidance of the supervising physician, nurses and the manager.

The LVN/LPN is responsible for assisting within the scope of practice outlined by the Medical Director at our facility. S/he is responsible for maintaining nursing certification renewals and CPR every two years along with accurate records reflecting any continuing education credits. S/he should maintain a level of professionalism in regards to interactions with colleagues, staff, and patients at all times. LVN’s are encouraged to promote utilization of resources and initiate improvements. The LVN plays an integral role in the aspects of patient and staff safety, and needs to have a basic working knowledge of charting, documentation and Risk Management issues.

The LVN should be a dependable asset to the practice demonstrating an exemplary role in the aspects of punctuality, attendance, accountability, initiative, positive attitude, and team support.

Licensure Requirements: Possess a current Minnesota state license as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Job Requirements: High School Graduate or GED equivalent, Graduate from an accredited school of nursing

Experience Required: One to two years of previous experience as an LVN. Previous experience in a clinical setting is preferred.

Required Continuing Education/Training:

1) Certification in Basic Life Support, biannually
2) Training in the recognition of the cardiovascular and respiratory effects of sedatives, as well as the variability of patient response, annually
3) Training in/knowledge of emergency supplies, their inventory, their location in the office, and their use.
4) Training in/knowledge of the pharmacology of the medications administered.
5) Training in/knowledge of OSHA regulations, PPE, and occupational exposure protocols, annually.

Basic Skills:

  • Blood Pressure (Manual), Venipuncture, finger stick, Injection: IM and intradermal, Use of Medication and Injection Logs, HGB/HCT, pregnancy testing, Weight/Height, TB tine, PPD/Mantoux, Urine culture, Urine Multidip, Handwashing, Biohazardous Waste Management/Universal Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens, Use of Personal Protective Equipment, Stocking (Laboratory/Recovery Room/Procedure Rooms/Pathology Lab/Prescription Rack), Patient Education Information, Cleaning, Equipment Handling/Maintenance, IV starts, Ultrasound, Microscopy
  • Procedure Set Up and Assist: Sterile Technique, First trimester abortion, Second trimester abortion, Lam insertion, different MD preferences, IUD insertion, annual pap exam, Diaphragm and Cervical Cap Fittings, D&C, EMB, ECC, Colpo/biopsy, Cryo/TCA, other procedures as directed.
  • Medical Records Management: Medical Terminology, Chart Prep and Maintenance, Documentation and Charting, Collation and Auditing of Charts
  • Pathology Laboratory: Identification and Gestational Measurement of POC, Specimen Washing, Disposal of Biohazardous Waste, Transport of Specimen to Ancillary Lab for Molar Pregnancy or Chromosomal Studies with Corresponding Lab Requisitions, Notification of Specimen Abnormality/Absence, Initiating MD pathology and Documentation Review, Mounting of Pathology Sheet to Appropriate Patient Charts
  • Maintenance of the POC Log Book
  • Packaging and Sterilization Processing: Autoclave Use, Cleaning of Pathology/Sterilization Area, Instruments, and Equipment, Instrument Maintenance, Understanding and Processing of Biological Indicators, Understanding and Processing of Decontamination and Sterilization Processes, Understanding and Processing of Packaging and Maintenance of Instrument Sterility, Assistance with Maintenance of the Biological Indicator Log (Attest), Assistance with Maintenance of the Load Log, Preventative Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Assistance and Management with System Errors, Management of Adequate Supplies (ordering and stocking)
  • LVN Practice Skills: Room Preparation and Maintenance, Patient Flow, Patient Work Up
  • Patient Communication, Obtaining Patient History of Chief Complaint, Basic Phone Skills, Computer Skills, Basic Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Assisting/Setup of Surgical Patients, Assisting in Post Procedure Recovery Room Triage , Basic Patient Teaching and Discharge, Routine Visit, Post Operative, Post Operative Complication , Routine Follow-Up, Response to Emergency Situations, Problem Solving, Prioritizing, Time Management, Utilization of Patient Education Resources and Written Materials,
  • Patient Physical Assessment, Basic Nurse Visits: MAP, DMPA injection, Birth Control Check, Blood Pressure Check, Recovery of Surgical Patients, Completion of Care Plans
  • Narcotic/Medication Log and Counts.


  • Knowledge of Community Resources, Basic Understanding of Medical Legal Ethics
  • Inventory Maintenance: Ordering of Supplies and Medications, Assistant to the Clinical Coordinator, Basic Understanding of Risk Management, Basic Knowledge of Quality Assurance, Performance and Maintenance of Quality Control Logs
  • Assistance with the Management of the Resuction and Complication Logs, Working knowledge of Risk Management issues, Triage Skills, Triage of Normal & Abnormal Labs, Abnormal Follow-Up Log Maintenance, Basic Patient Call -Phone Triage, Prescription Refills as Directed by the Provider, Patient Triage, Communication with the staff to Assist in Staffing and Patient Flow, Reassignment and appropriate staff coverage maintained when absences or emergencies arise, Frequent Communication with the Medical Director, Executive Director, and Staff members, Performance and Maintenance of Quality Control Logs, Assistance with the Management of the Resuction and Complication Logs, Assistance with the Management of the Mifeprex Log,
  • Understanding of Regulatory Bodies: Whole Woman’s Health Policy and Procedures Manual, CLIA, MSDS, TDH regulations, NAF guidelines, Understanding of Cost Effectiveness and Cost Containment Processes, Assist with Management of Sample Supply Room and coordinate patient needs.

 RN and LPN – Fort Worth, TX

We are currently seeking experienced and qualified nurses to work on a full and part-time basis for our clinic in Fort Worth, Texas


Licensure and Experience:
• Possess a current state license as an LVN, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife or Physician’s Assistant or other Advanced Nursing certification.
• Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, or relevant Women’s Health experience preferred.
• Certification in Basic Life Support, biannually

Clinical Services – Gynecological Care:
• Assist in health screenings such as pap smears, pelvic exams, breast checks, STI screening.
• Counsel patients regarding birth control options, including diaphragms and IUDs. Follow up as appropriate.
• Counsel, educate, and provide resources on women’s health issues.
• Provide counseling for gynecological problems such as infection, abnormal bleeding, or abnormal pap results.

Clinical Services – Abortion Care:
• Dispensing Mifepristone or Misoprostol under MD orders as per the Whole Woman’s Health medical abortion protocol.
• Assisting the MD in Medical Abortion care visits.
• Performing ultrasounds, assisting in surgery or aftercare. 
• Follow up visits for patients experiencing post-abortion problems.

Whole Woman’s Health supports women and operates our company with a fundamental belief in empowerment. Our people are encouraged to grow and challenge themselves and each other; autonomy is given freely to those who are driven and successful. 

Qualified applicants must send cover letter and resume to




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