About 61% of abortions are obtained by women who have one or more children.

Careers at Whole Woman’s Health

Whole Woman’s Health offers a progressive, feminist environment for professional growth and satisfaction. Our staff consists of committed, innovative, talented and fun people. We employ physicians, nurses, medical assistants, counselors, social workers, administrative assistants, and patient advocates. Working at Whole Woman’s Health changes your life.

We also offer volunteer and internship opportunities. Our volunteers and interns are just as much a part of Whole Woman’s Health as our other staff; they are given the same deep training in our procedures and philosophy, and they are held to the same high standards of care for our patients. We are eager to create a meaningful position for people who want to make a difference. Contact us for more information on our volunteer and internship program.

We encourage you to fax or e-mail your resume to the contact information provided below.

Contact information

Fax: 512-832-6568
Phone: 877-835-1090

Bilingual (Spanish) Women’s Health Advocate, EmpowerLine – Minneapolis, MN

Experience: One year’s experience in a health care facility or working in a customer service/phone service position.  Counseling experience in a related field such as domestic violence, youth, etc. is beneficial

 The EmpowerLine’s Women’s Health Advocate is most often the first person a potential patient speaks to about her abortion, thus she/he is a very important ambassador for Whole Woman’s Health. Throughout all of these interactions, the Women’s Health Advocate must maintain a warm, non-judgmental attitude. S/he will provide guidance to callers by answering questions, setting appointments, providing financial counseling, and anticipating patient needs prior to arrival at the clinic.

The Whole Woman’s Health philosophy is centered on caring for the whole woman – her head, heart, and body. The Women’s Health Advocate integrates this philosophy in her/his approach by using active listening skills, ‘reading between the lines’ when the patient speaks to affirm/assess her patient’s needs, feelings about, abilities to cope with, and understanding of the abortion process. Women’s Health Advocates understand that patients may not know everything about this experience and so it is our responsibility to be forthcoming with information and guide her through this process with empathy and kindness.

 The Women’s Health Advocate plays a key role in the practice as s/he may interact with the patient in many capacities before, during, and after her time with us in the clinic. Comprehension of our patient management software and office practices is essential to patient satisfaction and the success of the practice. 

To assure that the Women’s Health Advocate is supplying the patient the necessary information or emotional support, s/he must remain informed and knowledgeable on new procedures, techniques, practice philosophies, and the counselor’s own capabilities. The Women’s Health Advocate will be held to retention of new information brought forth in staff meetings, trainings, and other daily correspondences. This person must also be very familiar with all of the resources that are available to our patients – articles, journals, workbooks, web sites, referrals, statistics, etc.

 General Requirements

  • Believes in and promotes a culture of empowerment
  • Be professional, courteous, and savvy at all times
  • To communicate verbally with excellent diction
  • React physically and mentally to emergency situations
  • Be able to give care without bias or judgment
  • Be able to give care with dignity and respect, in a manner that is empowering and enhances the caller’s self-esteem and self-worth
  • To understand that we do not create victims. We trust and listen to women. 
  • Be flexible, cooperative, and adaptable
  • Loves to learn new things, jumps in and asks questions, participates actively in the learning process. 
  • Speaking a second language is a benefit
  • Be able to multi-task without becoming flustered

    Physical Requirements

Must possess the ability and capability to perform any task in the office. Must be able to lift 15 lbs or more and be able to physically move through the office unaided. Must have strong hearing and visual acuity. 

Must possess the ability to remain seated and review information on a computer screen for long periods of time. 

Essential functions

  1. Be available to answer phone calls from patients, parents, and partners regarding the abortion procedure, contraception, aftercare, and state laws applicable to abortion. Women’s Health Advocate may also be required to complete other types of phone communication with patients, including no-show check ins and confirmation calls.
  2. Proficiency in and adherence to  internal systems regarding how an appointment is made, the purpose of the paperwork involved, and what paperwork goes where, including those related to insurance and private funding organizations.
  3. Strong aptitude in operating computers and use of the Whole Woman’s Health appointment software, Advanced MD.
  4. Be knowledgeable of all funding options for each patient.
  5. Be able to increase the patient’s comfort, and to provide an atmosphere of non-judgmental support wherein the patient may freely express questions and concerns about her pregnancy and abortion.
  6. Be able to ascertain how much the woman already knows about the abortion procedure, and provide an appropriate description of the female anatomy, pregnancy, and the abortion procedure as needed.  Knowledge of early termination of pregnancy, cytotec, laminaria, etc. is mandatory.  The step-by-step explanation of the procedure includes information about possible discomfort and estimated time requirements
  7. Give the client the opportunity to express further questions or concerns and encourage her to identify and use her internal and external resources for coping in a positive manner with the abortion experience.  At this point, the Women’s Health Advocate may occasionally (and actively) suggest referral for additional counseling or other services, and/or offer resources (services, pamphlets, books, and web-sites).
  8. Uphold Whole Woman’s Health customer service standards including, but not limited to, answering incoming phone calls by the third ring and putting ‘people before paper.”
  9. Promote the overall success of the EmpowerLine by demonstrating teamwork.


  • Full time and part time, non-exempt hourly position
  • Sick/PTO after 90 days probation is completed as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  • 401K participation after one year of employment and 1000 hours worked for full time employees.

Inquiring applicants please email resume and cover letter to

Bilingual (Spanish) Patient Advocate
Whole Woman’s Health, LLC – Minneapolis, MN

About Whole Woman’s Health

Whole Woman’s Health is an abortion provider that offers full-range medical services for women. In addition to our specialization in abortion, we offer gynecological services, counseling, and general wellness resources. We are proud to provide safe, compassionate abortion services for women; we see abortion provision as an important component of holistic care for women. We are driven by our commitment to reduce the stigma around abortion in this country. We know this work changes people — our patients, our staff, our families and the world. We invite you to be a part of our work and to enjoy an extremely rewarding career with a palpable sense of making the world a better place for women on a daily basis.

Bilingual Patient Advocate- Minneapolis, Minnesota
We are currently seeking an experienced and qualified, Patient Advocate Advocate to work on a full-time basis in our Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities clinic.

Experience: One year of experience in a health care facility or working in a customer service/phone service position. Counseling experience in a related field such as domestic violence, youth, etc. is beneficial

Education: High school graduate or GED required. College degree preferred. Previous healthcare experience preferred. Bilingual in Spanish preferred.

General Requirements:
• Believes in and promotes a culture of empowerment
• Professional, courteous, and savvy at all times
• Excellent communication skills
• Be able to give care without bias or judgment
• Be able to give care with dignity and respect
• Be able to give care in a manner that maintains and enhances her self-esteem and self-worth
• Be flexible and cooperative
• Loves to learn new things, jumps in and asks questions, participates actively in the learning process

Compensation: We offer competitive salary based on qualifications. Benefits include PTO and 401(k).

Whole Woman’s Health was incorporated in January of 2003. We are a fast growing company with locations in Texas, Maryland and Minnesota. We support women and operate our company with a fundamental belief in empowerment. Our people are supported to grow and challenge themselves and each other; autonomy is given freely to those who are driven and successful. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, many opportunities for growth, especially to energetic people who are willing to travel and are eager to learn.

To Apply:
Qualified applicants may submit a resume.





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